Leo Man And Scorpio Woman Break Up: How to Avoid It

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Is there anything you can do to avoid it happening? Keep reading for information you may find useful when it comes to Leo man and Scorpio woman break up.

Are you a lovely Scorpio woman who is on the verge of a break up with a Leo man? Is there anything you can do to avoid it happening? Keep reading for some information you may find useful when it comes to Leo man and Scorpio woman break up.

The Attraction Between Leo Man and Scorpio Woman

What first brought this connection together? Going from the beginning, the Leo man was likely drawn to Scorpio woman’s sexy looks and attitude. She was drop dead gorgeous, what could he do?

He wanted to get closer to her and decided to talk to her. Scorpio woman blew his mind with how witty and intelligent she is. The Scorpio woman found the Leo man to be passionate, exceedingly handsome, and good at everything.

They really were probably very drawn to each other on a surface level. However, when they began to have a relationship, they started noticing the cracks that were inevitable.

Scorpio woman wants security and stability Leo man wants adoration, attention, and appreciation. While the two could give each other this, they may have a hard time getting through with their other problems.

The two are definitely attracted to each other from the get go but most of it is physical. Once they form a relationship or bond, they start to realize they’re not really the best match when it comes to sex.

Why go through with having any relationship at all? Maybe this is better off as a “friends with benefits” situation or just friendship with no sex. They both want to test the waters though and so they’ll do what they feel they need to.

Both are stubborn and strong willed. They don’t want to hear that they have issues between them or that they “can’t” do anything therefore they give it their best to prove they “can”.

The Holes in the Leo Man and Scorpio Woman Relationship

Leo Man And Scorpio Woman Break Up

The Leo man and Scorpio woman have many challenges they need to get through in order to make their relationship strong enough to stand the test of time but are they both willing to do the work?

If you are a Scorpio woman and you’re on the verge of a break up with the Leo man, you need to know what the problems between the two signs tend to have in order to find solutions that could help you two salvage things.

While trust isn’t particularly a huge problem between you, there are other issues that may be a monster to the relationship you share. Communication and talking to each other openly could be a big problem.

You are able to talk about intellectual issues and the world’s problems but telling each other the truth about what you feel, is something very different. You may find it hard to really dig deep and open up.

You both have to learn to do it no matter how hard it is or you will not make it. Communication is a make or break for relationships. If you cannot openly talk to each other about important matters, you will find it hard to keep it together.

Emotions come along with the being open with each other. If you cannot be open and feel the need to be secretive, you cannot be as close as some other couples are emotionally.

You need emotions to work or to make it last. If this has been an issue for you and your Leo, you fix it by learning to talk about how you feel. Not just you alone Scorpio woman but also your Leo man.

The two of you may not have a whole lot in common either. Such things as life values and standards may be way different from each other. Find common ground and find a way to agree on some things.

What You Can Do To Work At Your Love

If you two really love each other then all hope isn’t lost. Leo man pulls away when he feels it isn’t working. He also can be rather mean and pompous. That being the case, you had better talk to him to find out what his deal is.

Don’t go at him in attack mode. Go at him with optimism and the desire to fix things. “Honey, things haven’t been going right with us and I’d like to discuss it”. Then when you talk “I’ve noticed that you aren’t around as much and I miss you”.

Give him tender statements that show you still love him or care for him. Compliment him on the things he does right and show him that he means something to you.

Starting out the talk with these things will get him to be a bit more open to listening to you and perhaps fixing things. I do warn you though, if he’s pulled away too far then he may already have one foot out the door.

Leo men don’t like breaking it off because he seems like a villain so he’ll wait until you’ve had enough then let you break it off or he might move on with someone else.

Talk to him. That’s your saving grace. You two absolutely can still work things out and possibly make a relationship last. The thing is, you both have to want it and want to work at it.

You may need to get a counselor or mediator involved so that you can both learn an effective way of communicating. Even with the differences you have, you can find common ground and you can find ways to make it work for the best.

Don’t give up unless you find out that he’s already ready to move on or be with someone else. At that point, he’s no longer worth the fight. You have to decide where it is and how much he’s worth to you.

It’s up to you both to work on it and find a way to meet in the middle or you can resolve that perhaps friendship or parting ways is best.

Leo Man And Scorpio Woman Break Up

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