Your Match: Leo Man and Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
These two can be a rather odd combination. Continue reading and find out what planets says about Leo man and Pisces woman love compatibility. 

The Pisces woman is nice cool water with which the Leo man can bathe his fire in. He has to be careful though, or she may put his fire out. These two can be a rather odd combination. The success rate is very low but there IS still a chance if the two really fall in love and can work at maintaining a sense of compromise between them as time goes on. Continue reading and find out what planets says about Leo man and Pisces woman love compatibility.


From the moment the Leo man sees the Pisces woman, he sees how incredibly alluring she is. Never has he seen this type of beauty before in a woman. He just has to get closer to her and learn more.

The Pisces woman will instantly notice that the Leo man is exceedingly attractive and is eager for him to come over and talk to her. The beginning sparks an interesting vibration that makes both of them wonder where this could go.

Naturally there are always variables with each mix of signs. Many sites will tell you that this match won’t work and it’s not worth it to try. I can tell you that while there may be some struggle, it CAN work.

NEVER buy into impossibility. Anything is actually possible and if two people love each other enough, they can absolutely overcome any adversity they are faced with.

In the beginning their attraction is based on surface feelings. However, when they start to talk, they find each other interesting because they’re so different. This can be a situation of opposites attract.

It’s what happens next is what will determine whether or not the particular pairing will actually work for more than just a chance encounter, date, or casual sexual fling.

Pisces Woman, Who She Is

Pisces-zodiac-sign-as-a-beautiful-girl - Leo Man and Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

The Pisces woman is soft hearted, falls in love easily, emotional, and dreamy. She often spends time day dreaming. She’s looking for a man that will be somewhat of a muse to her life.

She wants to have a partner that will inspire her to do her very best in life. Sometimes she may choose partners who are somewhat emotionally detached or unavailable.

However she only does this if she herself isn’t really ready for a full commitment. Fear will keep her from finding someone who is single and ready to be with her. Typically the older the Pisces woman is, the more together she is.

This can change her temperament and how she deals with a partner in a relationship. When she meets the Leo man, she loves his confidence and ability to go after what he wants.

At last, this man is someone who will inspire her to live out her dreams. However, if she doesn’t get what she wants from him in some way, she could turn on a dime and decide quickly that he isn’t the one.

Leo Man, Who He Is

The Leo man is striking in appearance and has a vibrant personality. He definitely gives the impression that he doesn’t wait for life to offer him anything. Leo goes out and gets what he wants.

When he’s interested in a woman, he’ll likely take the initiative and let her know that he wants to get to know her more. Once he secures a mate, he’ll be very loving, will love to cuddle, and be like a teenager in love.

Truly the Leo man is the persona of a Prince of Romance.  He will appear to be everything a woman could ever want in a man. This no doubt will draw in his pick of women to choose from.

When the Leo man finds interest in a lovely Pisces woman, he will understand that there are depths to her which will make him curious about getting to know her and what makes her tick.

She’s emotionally driven and he can feel her intensity. In the beginning he’ll love this and he’ll love the adoration she’ll give him. He will just have to figure out how to pull her head out of the clouds when it comes to being more practical.

What Works Between Leo Man and Pisces Woman

The best thing these two will have going for them is their ability to talk about how they feel, what they want, and where the relationship may be headed. They can communicate about almost anything.

They have no fear in talking about their dreams, goals, and what they truly want to set into place for their future. This can help them when they start to encounter differences.

Communicating will absolutely be needed. Their keen intellect is another thing that they share. They love talking about things that actually mean something in life. Anything that stimulates or provokes thoughts are what they will discuss most.

When they get into less meaningful conversations, this is where they may struggle. Mundane life topics are where they may not agree.  Again, if they can actually use their skills of communication, they can work past just about anything.

Discussing the possibilities of where their lives can go will sound dreamy but at some point, they’re also going to have to deal with reality. Emotionally they may not “get” each other which will cause problems.

Unfortunately there is more that they don’t have in common than what they do have in common. Communication may be difficult at times depending on the topic of conversation.

What Leo Man Thinks Of Pisces Woman, Especially In Bed

leo sign - Leo Man and Pisces Woman Love Compatibility

In the beginning the Leo man finds the Pisces woman very sexy in a mysterious type of way. He wonders what she’s hiding behind those beautiful eyes of hers. This lures him in like a sailor to the sea.

When it comes to the bedroom, Pisces woman is a very giving person where Leo man may not be. He is more about getting the job done and getting praise. He’s also more concerned with his own selfish needs.

This will wound the Pisces woman who has no problem with being selfless. She is pleased when he’s pleased. The problem is, she’ll be unfulfilled with him and eventually want to move on.

He won’t like that she has needs that he doesn’t feel like or want to meet in the bedroom. They have different ideas and goals. If they talk about it all though, they may be able to actually find a way to make it work.

He won’t like that Pisces woman is so sensitive to the things that he says and will have trouble speaking openly to her when it comes to matters of the heart or matters of intimacy.

He wants to be able to say what he’s thinking or feeling without making her feel ashamed of herself or embarrassed. Pisces woman is in short, too sensitive for his King of the Jungle attitude.

Leo Man with Pisces Woman Problems

Where do I begin? These two have many problems. The Leo man and Pisces woman match is not a soulmate type of relationship. The Leo man and Pisces woman marriage is also not very likely unless they can really work it out.

It IS possible as nothing is impossible. However, this will take a whole lot of talking, arguing, and finding some kind of compromise. These two don’t really understand each other emotionally.

They can talk about their goals and dreams just fine. They can also talk about intellectual pursuits but when it comes to matters of the heart, they do not connect easily.

Pisces woman will often be hurt or offended by Leo man’s actions or lack thereof. He will not understand why she’s upset with him again. He’ll become so put off by her that he may start seeking someone else who will give him more credit.

Trust is almost nil between these two. Leo man is the loyal kind until he feels slighted or unappreciated. Pisces woman has no problem flipping a switch and changing partners either.

In this way neither of them will feel they can trust one another. This CAN be built if they truly want it though. That’s the problem though is whether or not they want to work at it.

This relationship is a very difficult one to say the least. I won’t tell you that they can’t work because where there is hope, there is a solution. It’s just whether or not they’re willing to give their all and find that solution.

There are some rare Leo man and Pisces woman matches that DO make it but they’ve also put in a whole lot of effort to make it last. They didn’t throw in the towel on each other when it got rough.

Leo Man with Pisces Woman Breakup

The breakup between the Leo man and Pisces woman will be heart wrenching. At least for the Pisces woman it will be. Unless of course, she never invested enough of her heart to allow this pain.

Both of these signs are apt to easily move on from one another once it doesn’t work anymore. Neither will waste times with playing games or calling each other names, they’ll just cheat on each other or leave each other for other people.

So take your pick. Will these two work it out or have a possibility to get back together? It’s not likely that they would WANT each other back after things have gone down the drain.

They’re both easily shifted and will just go ahead and move on. If the break is going to happen, it’s likely to happen within the first 5 years or so. If they did marry and try a bit harder, they may make it longer.

However, they can still give up their marriage with the flick of a switch, that easy. When it works, it works but takes lots of effort. When it doesn’t, they flip the switch and walk away.

Final Score

Keeping in mind that every situation is unique due to people being different, you realize that not all Leo man and Pisces woman relationships are doomed to fail. There is a VERY low success rate, however.

It’s a difficult match and they both have to REALLY love each other as well as dedicated. Otherwise they’ll be like the statistics and just give up what they started because it feels like failure.

When I think of scoring this couple on a scale from 1 to 10, I give them a 1.5. That’s very low, I know. Pisces woman is the least likely relationship to work out for a Leo man.

Now, if she is born on the cusp of Aquarius or Aries, then maybe her chances improve as there are different traits that are to be taken into account. The same would be if he is a Leo on the cusp of Cancer or Virgo.

All these things can be taken into account when trying to form a relationship between the sun signs of Leo and Pisces. Their moon signs may influence them as well.

So don’t feel too disheartened if you’re a Pisces gal who has met a charming Leo man and are afraid that your relationship is doomed. Only you and your Leo man could possibly know whether or not you’re a hit or miss.

Keep all options in mind and always communicate with one another. This is one strength that the two of you have so if you can be honest with each other and be emotionally vulnerable, you may start things out right.

Once these two establish stability between each other, they can surely work at it and keep it intact and happy. This relationship IS possible if both parties want it bad enough but I do need to tell you that it’s a very difficult match.

You two will have to try it or decide to just leave it alone and walk away. No one else can tell you that you are right or wrong with what your heart and soul feels. The two parties must always be open with each other in order to have any possible future together.

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