How to Make a Leo Man Fall in Love with a Scorpio Woman?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
What can a Scorpio woman do to make a Leo man fall in love with her? Keep reading to find out how to make a Leo man fall in love with a Scorpio woman.

What can a Scorpio woman do to make a Leo man fall in love with her? It may not be as hard as you would think but when it comes to the two maintaining the love, it may be a little bit more difficult. You should probably keep reading to find out how to make a Leo man fall in love with a Scorpio woman.

What Draws a Leo Man to a Scorpio Woman

If you are a Scorpio woman, you really should know what it is that Leo finds so appealing about you. There are several things to keep in mind so that you can work on them over time.

Below is a list of things Leo finds really attractive about Scorpio women:

  • Her Exceedingly Attractive Appearance

How to Make a Leo Man Fall in Love with a Scorpio Woman

Naturally since Scorpio women are so sexy and tend to draw in many people, the Leo man is no different. He will feel like a magnet being pulled in her direction. He wants to be in her presence and will try to get her into bed as soon as possible.

  • Her Charm and Intellect

Leo men love the fact that Scorpio women are so smart, funny, and charming. She’s someone he can easily talk to and feels compelled to want to spend more time with her. This will push him to ask her out and try to start the dating process.

  • Her Vigor and Spirit To Fight For Love

Leo loves the fact that the Scorpio woman will actually fight for what she loves and whom she wants to keep in her life. If he’s in her life, he’ll love that she wants to do anything she can to keep him.

  • Her Mysterious Demeanor and Life

Leo loves a good mystery and with a Scorpio woman he’s got it! He will love trying to figure her out and will enjoy being around her every chance he gets. Even if he only gets one small clue at a time, he will work at it to find out everything he can.

  • He Loves Providing Her With Information and Inspiration

The Scorpio woman loves that the Leo man is so confident, knows what he’s doing, and does it well. He takes action and that turns her on. She loves being around him as it motivates her to also take action to accomplish her own dreams or desires in life.

Flaws between Leo Man and Scorpio Woman

How to Make a Leo Man Fall in Love with a Scorpio Woman

While these two are easily drawn to each other like magnets, they are not the perfect or ideal couple. They actually require a bit of work in order to achieve and maintain a loving connection.

It’s easy for them to fall for each other in the beginning but over time things become a bit more difficult and they find that they have to communicate better in order to get through problems they may have.

Scorpio women need to learn to relax and listen to her Leo man if she wants to experience the very best of his love. Scorpio women are highly independent and don’t typically like listening to people.

However, when she figures out how helpful he actually can be, she’ll find that his advice is quite valuable and may help her succeed in her own endeavors. They naturally have trust quite well.

The other areas of their relationship definitely need some work on both their parts. As a Scorpio woman, you’ll need to work on how you talk to him. You can come across as very hurtful or mean.

Leo men don’t like being told what to do nor do they like someone being critical of them. With that in mind, talking to them in a way that gets your point across without using your stinger is essential.

Sex may not be what you imagined it would be either. While you’re both very passionate, you seem to see things very differently. If you want the Leo man to fall in love with you, you’ll have to learn how he operates in the bedroom.

Your idea on love and how you express yourselves in the bedroom is likely not alike. However, you can work at it and come to a common goal if you truly do fall in love.

Emotionally you two will be on a different page entirely. Leo man doesn’t react to his feelings quite like you do. You both may cancel each other out with your tempers. You both will have mood swings that may be opposite as well.

This may make it hard for you two to connect. If you want the Leo man to fall in love with you, you’ll have to find a way to communicate how you feel in a way he will listen.

This will take some finesse on your part. If you can pull it off though, you should be able to get through this speed bump as well as any others. You may not have a lot in common but that’s alright.

Can Leo Man and Scorpio Woman Last?

If you two really want to be together, you absolutely can make it work. It will require a great deal of optimal communication, affection, tenderness, and understanding.

Both of you have to learn to talk to each other, share your feelings, and be totally honest about everything. Doing this will open up the channels and allow you two to work through any problems that may arise.

As a Scorpio woman, you must talk to him in a calm and rational way so that he doesn’t explode nor do you. Both of you can get quite volatile and want revenge. Avoid that though because that will push you two further away.

Realize that whatever you two go through is a temporary problem and you two can find common ground to solve it. Work at it, give it some elbow grease, and give it lots of love. You just might be able to get that Leo guy for the long haul.

Are you a Scorpio Woman with a Leo Man? Tell me about your experience in love!

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