How Attracting a Leo Man Can Be as Easy as Pie!

written by Anna Kovach
Keep reading for helpful tips on attracting a Leo man. How do you get a Leo man's attention and make him actually take an interest to you?

The Leo man is undeniably sexy and charismatic. How do you get his attention and make him actually take an interest to you? It’s not as hard as you may think if you know what you’re doing. Keep reading for helpful tips on attracting a Leo man.

Here are some tips for attracting your Leo Man

Be Flirty and with a Care Free Heart

The Leo man is a very successful guy no matter what he does or puts his mind to. The woman that captures his attention is someone who is also passionate about her life but also fun, spontaneous, and care free.

Not to say you shouldn’t care about important things in your life but more that you’re relaxed, you let go of stress easily, and you like to do things that bring much pleasure to your heart.

This makes you more optimistic and inspiring. This is the type of woman the Leo guy wants. If you’re this type of woman then all you need do really is be yourself. Show him how fun and delightful you actually are.

The more inspiration and hope you show him that you have, the more comfortable he’ll feel around you. There is something really attractive about a woman who doesn’t fret or worry about the little things.

Some of this carefree attitude involves flirting with him ridiculously. Attracting a Leo man is a worthy goal. Tell him how handsome he is, how amazing he is at what he does, how on point his clothes or style is. Find different ways to make him feel good about what he does, says, or wears.

Leo man is looking for a woman who will absolutely pay him homage for being her guy and for doing the things he does for her. Leo man will go out of his way to make his woman happy and smile.

He will expect payback from doing everything he does. So to attract him, hit him with flirtation that he cannot deny. When you tell him how awesome he is, look him in the eye and touch his hand, arm, shoulder, or leg.

The touching will make the flirt a bit more intimate and will be a huge attention getter to him since he’s a very physical sort of guy. Show him what you’ve got and that you’re willing to treat him like the king he is.

How Attracting A Leo Man Can Be Easy

Look Your Best

Leo men love beautiful women. Not just on the outside though. While a gorgeous or sexy woman may catch his eye, he’s going to want the woman he chooses to be beautiful on the inside as well. This means being a good hearted person.

When you know you’re going to be around him, dress really nice, classy, and sexy. Wear something that says “come hither” but not too much to where it’s like “have sex with me now”.

You never want to give him the impression you’re just down to sex him up. That will result in possibly having a “friends with benefits” situation. If you want more with him then you don’t want him to think down that path.

Dress for what your intention is. The type of sexy you want is the type that makes him want to actually see you again, spend more time with you, and get to know you without diving into bed right away.

Give him something to imagine or look forward to when he sees you again. Wear a nice blouse that shows cleavage but not too much. Conservative cleavage makes him use his imagination which is what you want.

If your goal is attracting a Leo Man, make sure your hair is fixed up nice and your make up is appealing. He’ll look at you from head to toe for sure. Then he’ll sit down to talk to you at which point you implement what I’ve taught you so far with flirting.


Get Personal With Him

When you’re with him, you’re going to want to show him that you’re willing to be opened up to him. By this I mean, tell him some of your life’s passions, goals, and what you hope to accomplish.

Tell him what you really want in your life regarding love, marriage, children, etc. Give him the goods on who you are. By you opening up to him, he’s going to see your heart and that’s what will finally draw him in to be more than just friends.

The Leo man is a humanitarian and cares about people, animals, and the planet. Show him that you too are the same way and he’ll find it hard to resist you. All the things I’ve mentioned so far plus this will definitely get his attention, you will easily attract your Leo man.

The more you open up to him, the more he’ll likely want to open up to you as well and once he does, he’s yours. He won’t open up to just anyone. He opens up to the woman he feels he has a future with or at least the possibility.

Showing him your feelings and your hopes will inspire him. He will love this and it makes him want to give more to you as well. This helps fortify something a bit more intimate and possible going forward.

He will want to spend more time with you in order to get to know more about you. The more time he spends with you, the more he likes you and starts to fall in love with you. You will find out that attracting a Leo man is possible.

Don’t be afraid to talk to him. He’ll be quite receptive and understanding. He’s a great person to cozy up with and discuss your deepest darkest desires in life to. He’s a great listener.

Be sure that you’re a great listener with him as well. He’ll appreciate having someone he can bounce his thoughts or feelings off of. He wants a best friend and someone he can trust in about his life.

When you feel close enough to him, don’t be afraid to go ahead and bust a move to kiss him. If he’s into you, he’ll kiss you back. If he isn’t, he’ll probably tell you where he’s at in his head regarding you two.

I hope this helps you figure out how to attract your Leo guy!

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