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4 Signs That A Leo Man Is Falling For You

When it comes to love and relationships, the playful Leo man is quite a catch.

From his warm-hearted nature to his loyal spirit, the Leo man gives his all when he’s falling in love. But, how do you know if the Leo man is falling for you?

How do you know if his flirtatious gestures and surprise gifts are more than just a crush?

 In this article, I am sharing with you four signs that let you know the Leo man is falling in love with you. Keep reading for more. 

4 Signs That A Leo Man Is Falling For You

1. He Starts Buying You Random Gifts

Leo Man Starts Buying You Random Gifts

It’s no secret that the Leo man is one of the most vivacious and outgoing signs of the Zodiac. These Sun-ruled men were born to shine.

However, one of his favorite ways to show affection is to buy gifts or use his material wealth to impress you. He wants to show you that he is worthy of the love you have to give. 

If the Leo man starts buying you things and consistently taking you to nice places, this is a sign he is falling in love.

Although Leo enjoys luxury things, practical Virgo rules Leo man’s second house of income and assets, meaning he is naturally frugal. He works hard for what he has. 

If he starts showering you with the finest that he has to offer, consider yourself lucky and know that the Leo man is falling in love!

You have become someone he wants to care and provide for (other than himself). 

2. He Wants To See You All The Time

Leo men love attention… but not all the time! 

As a fixed fire sign, the Leo man needs time to concentrate and focus on mastering and discovering his passion. 

However, when a Leo falls in love, his partner becomes his passion, and all his time is devoted to mastering and exploring you. 

Leo men can be very demanding, but only if he’s into you. If not, the Leo man will enjoy the moment but won’t stick around for the after party. 

He will be on to his next flavor of the week without a second thought.

But even still, the Leo man can fall in love, and when he does, he will want to see you all the time. 

You may notice that he starts spending the night more or inviting you over every night. He may start to slowly open up emotionally, and start telling you things about his personal life — he wants to open his heart and let you in. 

Even when you’re together, you should feel like the energy is different. The air may feel more charged and the chemistry thicker. 

He may even look at you different or change the types of activities you do when you spend time together. 

3. He Calls You His Girlfriend or Partner

Signs A Leo Man Is Falling For You

Another way to tell if the Leo man is falling for you is if he’s made it official.

If the Leo man is into you the way you think he is, this fixed fire man will not let anyone or anything interfere with his love for you. 

The Leo man’s dominant and possessive nature will want to claim you all for himself. 

No, this doesn’t mean that he will harm you. It just means that Leo’s are naturally competitive and authoritative. 

Leo men are assertive and shockingly insecure when it comes to love, therefore, if he’s falling in love with you, he will leave no room for public confusion or self-doubt. 

He will make it known that you belong to him. He will show you with commitment and physical actions that you are the one he wants to share his heart with. 

4. He Introduces You To His Friends & Family

Making you his girlfriend or partner is one thing, but admitting it to his family and friends that he’s serious about someone is a big deal in the Leo world. It’s something that’s rarely done, unless he’s are serious and falling in love. 

Has your Leo man introduced you to his family? And if so, as what? 

If he said, “this is my good friend or my special someone,” then he may not be in love. He’s probably infatuated with you and what you have to offer. 

But if the Leo man introduces you as his woman, his lady, his partner, his girlfriend, the love of his life or future wife, then he’s head over heels. You’ve got his heart wrapped around your finger. 

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Final Thoughts

Now that you know four major signs that the Leo man is falling for you, have you experienced any? 

If you are dating or attracted to a Leo man, do you think he’s in love or in strong like? 

If you believe he’s in love, are you in love too? 

To find out how compatible you and the Leo man are, take my free compatibility match quiz here.

Good luck on your journey. 

Your sister and friend,

Anna Kovach 

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