What Turns a Leo Man on Sexually: 4 Ways to Arouse Him

ou really want your Leo guy to heat things up with you? Keep reading and find out what turns a Leo man on sexually and how to make him satisfied.

You really want your Leo guy to heat things up with you? Perhaps you’ve just started dating and are ready to ravage him but not sure how. Are you trying to get his attention so that you can get closer to him? Keep reading for some important tips on what turns a Leo man on sexually.

  1. Give Him Incentive

Flirt like crazy with him. Touch his hand, his shoulder, his hair, his face, and say things that are passionate driven. Tell him how sexy his eyes are or how much you love the way his hair is styled.

This sounds shallow I know but, it does work with him. The more into you him you appear, the more he’ll want to discover about you. Leo lives on attention and when you’re willing to tell him how amazing he is, he’s all ears.

I’m not saying you should act cheap or easy. What I am saying though is there is a way to be classy and sexy at the same time. Do that! Wear something semi-revealing but not too much. You want him to imagine what it’s like under your dress.

Put his hand on your leg while you lean in and tell him something in his ear like: “you look devilishly handsome tonight”. He’ll be mind blown and will think “wow this woman is possibly as hot as it gets”.

Leo man wants to feel like the most wanted man on the planet. If you can do that, you’re “in” and have the ability to win him into the bedroom and possibly into your life for the long haul.

  1. Be Playful and Catty

Lovely couple in bed - What Turns a Leo Man on Sexually

What do I mean by catty? Well, it simply means do what cats do. He more than likely will enjoy being scratched on his back. He’ll also dig being scratched on his neck or when you slightly dig your claws into his neck while kissing him.

Something else to note is that if you get to kiss him, try nibbling on his earlobes or neck. He’ll lose his composure and want to take you to the next level most likely. It’s not 100% guaranteed but I’d say your chances are about 90%.

Not all men enjoy romance or foreplay. Leo man does though! Surprisingly you can tease him sexually and he’ll eat it up like candy. He wants to please you because he wants you to give him feedback on how well he turns you on.

Leo men are dominant by nature so you being submissive at least 50% of the time will allow him to feel like a man. Whisper things he wants to hear in his ear. Tell him he turns you on more than anyone ever has.

Tell your Leo man how sexy he is and how you feel like putty in his hands. Tell him where you want his hands or grab them and put them there. Tell him how good it feels and how much you’d love to have more of him.

This playful behavior will get him all worked up and he’ll definitely want to give in and pleasure you. You had better be grateful though when he does! Meow!

  1. Feedback and Complimenting

Leo man wants to hear how good he is at making you feel like a woman. He wants to hear how sexy he is, how hung he is, how his touch makes you feel, and how much you want to have him inside you.

He’s a verbal type of guy and when he gives it to you good, you had better give him some sound feedback. Trust me when I tell you, make it really positive! The more positive you are, the harder he tries.

If you are critical or negative, he will likely not want to be with you again or he’ll start blowing you off thus leading to ignoring you. He may NOT be the best but it’s better if you show him what you like than to tell him he’s not that great.

In other words if you like having oral done to you, tell him how much it would turn you on if he did that for you. If he thinks it will get him praise and make you feel like his queen, he’ll do it!

When he’s being selfish in the bed, instead of telling him that, try to instigate something different or new. Do something sexy that will turn him on but still give him free range to take the lead once you’ve started.

  1. Make Him Feel Special

Photo of couple of lovers during romantic scene in bedroom - What Turns a Leo Man on Sexually

One of the things that turns Leo man on is feeling like he’s really special to his lady. He longs to please her and make her happy. He wants to be the one that makes her feel like life is amazing with him.

I’ve mentioned giving him compliments, feedback, and doing sexy things to make him feel good. The other part of this is gifting him to show him how you feel. This can include some sex toys, of course.

Also, you can get him something you know that he’ll absolutely love to share with you in the bedroom. Bring in a nice bottle of wine or champagne. You can pour some into your belly button and let him suck it out or vice versa.

Bring in something that he can use on you such as a cat of 9 tails. If you’re not into pain, you can let him know to do it lightly. It just may turn you both on more than you ever could imagine.

You may even try taking some pole dancing lessons and bring in a pole into the bedroom to give him a nice show. It’ll keep you in good shape, make you feel sexy, and will turn him on beyond words.

Basically you doing that would make him feel very special and wanted. Giving him this type of adoration will always get you tons more affection from him. Try it out!

If you’re just scratching the surface with your Leo guy, you should really learn all you can about his sign. It may help you in the long run. Click here for more details on him!

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