27 Dirty Phrases That Turn Leo ON & Sexual Leo Secrets He Wish You Knew

The widest sexual fantasies of each and every Leo, condensed into words that you can use to make him go completely crazy for you

Interested in a Leo guy? Well, you’re in for a ride. It’s one of the most difficult signs to keep by your side.  

I get a hundreds of questions about Leos every week.

Anna, how can I make him commit? 

Why doesn’t he respond to my messages?

He went cold on me…

And it’s not just about my tribe either… let’s just say I know a few people who dated Leos and nearly got heartbroken when they left… seemingly for no apparent reason. 

Luckily I was there to give a helping hand and now they’re back on track, but it wasn’t easy soothing an infuriated Leo… 

Don’t get me wrong, they are sweet guys and can be AMAZING partners, BUT… 

They get so power-hungry and manipulative sometimes. 

If you don’t play their power games right, you fall out… 

Say one wrong thing and get on their nerves and they’ll strike you out… it’s like constantly walking on hot sand with them… I mean how immature is that?

Can’t he just make up his mind, get serious and intimately commit already? 

Well, of course, he can, but you have to understand how his mind works first. 

Of course, every Leo guy is different and unique in his own respective way, but there are many universal traits that they share for the larger part. 

I thought it's best if I give you an exact blueprint on bonding with him in a new and profound way… physically and emotionally… deeper than ever before.

Plus, it's a chance for me to declutter my inbox a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I love helping you out and communicating with my readers, but it gets a bit tiring repeating things that work like a pattern. There is a predictable, proven way to winning a Leo man's heart… just say the right words and he'll become obsessed with you in no time.

That’s why I’ll reveal to you a few dirty phrases that make Leos HOT (in a good way), but before we get to that let me explain why turning him on is way more important than you think…

Did you know that Leos are among the horniest guys out there?

Now, he might have perfect manners or even appear to be feisty or moody, but trust me on this, if he’s a Leo, he’s definitely got a dirty mind.

I don’t care if he’s a 50-year-old priest or a church-boy… if he’s a Leo… dirty talking gets him going. I’ve seen it happen and hopefully, you will too.  

There are many ways to tap into the hidden Leo fantasies and ignite the fire of his passion and dirty talk is one of the most effective and easiest techniques you can use for immediate results.

It's crazy how a few dirty little phrases can have such a profound impact on your relationship.

However, not just any dirty talk will do. Leos have a certain preference when it comes to what they want to hear and experience on an emotional and physical level.

Push the right buttons and he'll kiss the ground you walk on and cherish you like a drop of water in the desert.

As in everything, Leos have their likes and dislikes in sex too… well, especially in sex. It’s really important to them… 

There’s just one thing that’s more important to a Leo than an orgasm, but for now, let’s focus on the orgasm-part and get it out of the equation… 

It goes like this: 

Press the right button and the heat is on, but press the wrong one and… well, you know the drill. 

He suddenly gets cold for no apparent reason and starts pulling away and you end up forgotten, alone… and awry.  

That’s why I’ve put together The 27 Dirty Phrases That Turn Leo On. I wanted to make a love manual of all the right buttons you need to push to control the HEAT in your relationship. And these are the exact MAGIC phrases that get you instant results.

DISCLAIMER: “27 Dirty Phrases” is a digital product. Image above is for visualization purposes only.

These dirty phrases target specifically his sign and while some of them may work on other signs as well, their power is best harnessed when directed to a Leo man.

All Leos love to hear these exact phrases so if you want him on all fours and on you in a matter of seconds, all you need to do is whisper some of these phrases into his ear. 

You don’t always have to whisper though, some of them, you’ll be able to say out loud or even text, but all of them will instantly make him burn from the desire for you.

These phrases are derived from 4,000 years old art and science of Astrology enhanced with modern psychology and experience of hundreds (if not thousands) of Leo lovers I’ve helped.

My friends have had a chance of practicing these on many Leo guys and, trust me, I have diaries of case studies and the intimate intel I've acquired over the years. 

The stats would surprise you. It’s unquestionable: 

98% of Leos ABSOLUTELY LOVE dirty talking! 

It’s even a bit funny how much you can make them horny just by saying the right words. 

You don’t have to be beautiful or attractive, it’s enough to just say the right thing in the right moment and make him erupt like a volcano!

I'll tell you exactly WHY each phrase works, so that you don't have to memorize anything but understand the concept and reasoning behind why Leo men love to hear it. This way you'll be able to say the right things the right way.

You know that the biggest sexual organ is… the brain… it’s the same for men too, they just tend to forget it sometimes. I’ll teach you how to remind them.

I’d like your promise to use what I reveal to you only for good as it can give you an unfair advantage over other women… so only use this on YOUR Leo guy.

These phrases are like a tool that you can use both for good and bad. The tool itself is not bad or good. It’s all about how you use it… 

Having said that, it’s clear how it should be used. It’s meant to turn your partner on and instill an ever-burning desire for you. Don’t use it to steal other women’s men.

The power of these phrases is that it also protects your relationship from heartbreak and cheating because he'll never even think of and no other woman could even compare to how much you “get” him in bed. 

I must warn you though… if your ears or your mouth are too delicate, then I’m afraid that the secret of these dirty phrases is not for you so... 

If you’re a bit of a prude, don’t waste your time reading further…  

I don’t want to sound harsh, but this needs to be said. If you’re too shy to say a few ‘naughty’ words, it’s going to be next to impossible to keep that Leo by your side because getting naughty is like a bonding ritual for Leos. It's how you create that sexual connection and chemistry unlike any other… and you can use this for YEARS to keep things hot and exciting.

It’s my honest wish for you to, not just have great sex, but really connect with him both physically and mentally on a whole new level, and that's exactly what these 27 phrases can do for you.

I’ve seen too many women losing their Leo soulmate just because they didn’t know or care about what these guys expect and wish to hear every now and then, before, during and after intimacy.

So they kept their fantasies hidden and unsatisfied… which eventually got them disconnected, misunderstood or simply bored.

There are too many myths about what Leos really want in relationships and sex and I’ve made it my mission to teach my tribe all about the most intimate and secret fantasies of their venomous partners. 

The simple truth is that there are important differences between female and male orgasms. 

It’s easy to make a guy orgasm and they’ve all orgasmed so many times in their lives that they’ve nearly grown accustomed to it.

However, not all male orgasms are the same. They greatly differ by the quality and intensity and do you know what’s the best way to give him some of the most intense orgasms in his life?

Give him an eargasm first! 

You can quadruple the intensity of his orgasm just by whispering in his ear and trust me when I say that Leos NEVER FORGET those kinds of orgasms, nor do they ever forget women who made it happen for them.

Always remember, it’s easy to make a guy feel good for a couple of minutes, but if you want to keep them for good, you’ll need to make them feel GREAT! 

The way to do it is to portray yourself as a brave, open-minded, and daring woman of their dreams. 

A Leo man needs a dangerous woman by his side and a dangerous woman is not afraid of a couple of naughty words, remember that.

Of course, an orgasm is not the main goal… the main goal is for you to form an intimate connection with him and touch his heart… 

Intimacy is the one thing that matters to a Leo more than an orgasm! 

The fastest way to his heart is through his pants though (and the most intense orgasm he’s ever had)… and the fastest way to his pants and that orgasm is through his ear…

You see, everything’s connected… 

Now, let me reveal some useful insider tools for making him your one and only devoted partner for life. 

A glimpse of what awaits you inside this special report…

Here are just a couple of phrases that raise Leo flags way up high… you can test these tonight (it's just important that you can understand from an astro-psychological perspective why they work).

1. “Tie me up, I trust you!”

It’s a Leo secret you should use wisely. Your Leo man loves bondage and tying you up and having control.

The fact that you say you trust him is very stimulating for him as it’s important to him that you give your all to him, body and soul, and this is only achieved through sex.

You also give him complete power by letting him tie you up, and this man really gets off on power more than anything!

2. “Behave, and this (ass) is yours tonight!”

Here you are being “cheeky”, and your Leo man enjoys the fact that you play with him

You can of course say booty, or just point there and spank playfully. Or take his hand and put it on your butt.

It’s important to use these references in the right way if you really want him hard and throbbing (I’ll tell you all about it inside.)

3. “Please punish me, I’ve been a bad girl!” 

Nothing gets a Leo man harder than this phrase. Leo kinda likes “bad” girls, and the thought of punishing you is something out of the perfect porn movie for him.

He doesn’t want to actually physically harm you, he just wants to get kinky and play power games in bed, where he needs to ‘teach you a lesson.’

That may even include him tying you up and making you give him a blow job while he sits up close to you.

*Just note – there should ALWAYS be a “safe word” if things ever get out of hand, and you’re not comfortable. 

If you liked these and want to learn:

  • The secret ways to naturally boost his desire for you and become the queen of his pleasure,
  • Simple tricks that will make him worship that lovely little mouth of yours,
  • The AMAZING dirty words that will make him worship you like a goddess of sex and pleasure (phrase 4),
  • 27 proven ways to have him eat from your hand and smother you with affection,
  • The most intimate things Leos WANT their partners to say, but NEVER admit it (phrase 6),
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  • The truth about what really turns Leos on and how you can easily do it whenever you want to,
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  • Some of the world’s most powerful aphrodisiacs better than any food or a pill. Try dirty talking for intense sexual intercourse, 
  • Simple steps to master his desire and have him fall in love with you hard, 
  • The single most important words that you will read (and say) that will forever change your love life and make your partner absolutely sure he wants to commit for good (phrase 18), 
  • The truth about what Leo men want and what they didn’t teach you in school! Actually, 85% of your girlfriends don’t know these things and the ones that do don’t talk about it… 
  • The quickest and easiest way to get him rock hard and eager to reward you with everything he’s got. Experiencing hours of intense pleasure that only Leos can provide is just a few words away, 
  • 27 dirty little sentences that other women don’t want you to know and that your Leo lover WANTS you to speak so that he might think of you as the one, 
  • The sneaky things to say and have him think of you in a completely different light than before… MAKE HIM realize that no other woman can ever give him that much pleasure, 
  • The best way leading from his ear to his pants and his heart… it’s yours for taking… if you know these words (phrase 20)… 
  • The 7 Things Turn Leo OFF Real Fast… and how to avoid them!
  • All that and much more is at your fingertips (or the tip of your tongue)

And that’s not all.

I will also teach you the 5 things to NEVER say or do if you want your love and relationship to withstand the test of time. 

I’ll put in a list of the biggest turn-offs for Leos too. 

Why have him cool of, stop calling, pull away or lose interest in you for no reason…

He sends mixed signals and refuses to commit? Make sure you’re not doing these absolutely forbidden things that drive Leos away from a relationship! 

If you don’t want his desire for you to fade and his urges to falter, you have to avoid certain practices and I’ll tell you what to keep away from and save the day when he gets moody.  

I’ll also reveal what you need to know about his 5 favorite positions that will make him (and you) feel like a couple of lovers outshining his favorite porn stars in the heat of your lovemaking. 

Oh yeah, speaking of that, I’ll tell you all about his 5 favorite kinds of porn too, and the best places where you can lure him in your hot thigh’s embrace… it's amazing what you'll learn about his hidden desires and fetishes. If you want to make his dreams come true, I've got you covered…

PLUS — you'll get the exact 10 Dirty Phrases to TEXT Your Leo Man When You’re Apart.

Have him crave your love and presence and astonish you with kisses, caress, and yes, the most pleasurable sex you’ve ever had.  

Because you’re subscribed to my newsletter I’ll make it possible for you to become a ruler of his dirty mind even if you’re completely new to dirty talking.

Even if you’re the clumsiest person in the world… you’ll still be able to make him go on all fours for you. 

It’s SIMPLE and EASY… I’ll give you the exact phrases and ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS SAY THE WORDS (or write them if you sext or visit dating sites).

He'll feel so relaxed and devoded to you after using any of these, you'll see an INSTANT positive response after using just a few of these dirty phrases on your Leo man.

And I don't just teach you these 27 dirty phrases, plus exactly What and Why to Text him… but so much more you didn't know about him… his secret desires and fantasies… like the 3 kinky things about him he wishes you knew! Plus the down and dirty things that secretly turn him on (that's why he watches it).

It's the best and LAST sex manual you'll need for your Leo man. I guarantee you won't find this information anywhere else.

Plus, we'll cover sexual compatibility and how you can make your sign more sexually compatible with his!

Oh, I almost forgot… you know Leo men are VISUAL. So I'll tell you the 5 best colors to wear to make every word you say even hotter. He won't be able to have enough of you and will have ALL of his attention on you and you alone.

Put simply… you'll learn more secrets about the Leo man in this one guide than in a lifetime trying to figure him out yourself. This is your SECRET WEAPON.

And it gets even better! 

A special bonus gift for my most devoted followers ($100 value, yours free!)

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This means you’ll get my personal email and you’ll be able to ask me whatever you want about your relationship with Leo.

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I've negotiated an exclusive deal, for your benefit, with my friend Jack Hutson (better know as “Jack the blowjob instructor”).

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It's totally underground since most women are reluctant to admit that they have a simple thing like blowjobs to thank for their marriages and relationships. So they worship Jack like some kind of Sex God, and even send him naked pictures and ask for a chance to go down on him if he's ever in town. And it's all for a reason. He delivers!

In his own words, here's just some of what he teaches (from a man's perspective) inside his Dirty Talk Secrets:

  • “The #1 dirty talk mistake almost all women make but don’t even realize – and how you can AVOID making this mistake and never turn a guy off again. Just this one tip alone is a lifesaver.
  • Why Cosmo and other magazines have it DEAD WRONG when it comes to dirty talk and why you should avoid their “NEW LINES” like the plague! Read this and you’ll NEVER worry about memorizing lines again! Total automation!
  • The TRUTH about dirty talk and what men really want to hear you say – not what you or even he THINKS he wants to hear - but what really works on a primal level that’s hardwired into his subconscious mind since the beginning of mankind.
  • Dirty Talk “building blocks” – the foundation upon which you can build your dirty talk dictionary, the basic building blocks that are proven to work. Learn this and you’ll never have to think about what you’ll say again.
  • The 5 primal emotions, my DOPID System. Hit any of these 5 emotions – or even better – combine them with a one-two punch, and hit his orgasm out of the freakin’ ballpark. If this doesn’t make him fall head over heels for you, nothing will. Men CRAVE to be understood. And the DOPID system reveals the “WHY” behind dirty talk, once you get this, every word out of your mouth will be pure GOLD.
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P.S. Here’s A Quick “Table of Contents” So You See Exactly What You'll Learn Inside Your Copy:

  • 27 Dirty Phrases to Make Your Leo Man Beg for More
  • 10 Dirty Phrases to TEXT Your Leo Man When You’re Apart
  • 5 Things You Must Never Say to a Leo Man
  • 5 Favorite Sexual Positions of Leo Men
  • 3 Kinkiest Things About Leo Men They Wish You Knew
  • 5 Best Porn Fantasies to Watch Together
  • 12 Zodiac Sex Signs & Leo in Bed Together
  • 5 Best Places to Meet Leo Men
  • 5 Best Colors to Attract a Leo Man
  • 7 Things That Turn Off a Leo Real Fast

P. P. S. 

I’ll also teach you exactly how and what to sext him so that you may keep him yearning and burning with desire for you even if you’re miles away…

I know that Leo guys can be tough to handle and it gets even more difficult if it’s a long-distance relationship because getting physical is so important for them. 

That’s why I’ll let you dive deep into the mysteries of the Astrology and the science of relationship compatibility. 

It took me years and years to get where I am now. 

I only wish I knew this back when I was dating because it would save me months of heartache and nerves squandered…

Anyway, I've invested years digging through the ancient wisdom of Astrology so that you don’t have to.

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Janine “Thank you so much for these wonderful series and information. It is so informative and I have loved reading your book, especially on how to get him back.”

Lea “I want to say thank you for your whole series. I wish I had this series when I just turned thirty twenty years ago. I met a wonderful Leo man.”


“You can have the relationship you want!”

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She is famous for saving 'failed' relationships, helping women secure their 'One' and showing seemingly incompatible couples “how to speak the same language.” 

She uses her gift and knowledge of Astrology & relationship psychology to help couples connect and gain an intense understanding of each other. All through the power of practical and accurate astrological advice that anyone can apply to their relationship — just without the hype, overcomplicated professional terminology or vague and confusing astro-speak.

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