4 Ways To Develop A Deeper Bond With Your Leo Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
If you want my tried-and-true secrets to creating an unbreakable bond with a Leo man then you’ve come to the right page! Keep reading to find out how to bring the Leo man into a deeper bond than you’ve ever had before.

Are you in a relationship with a bright and shiny Leo? Have you drifted apart and wondering how to get that deep bond back again? Or maybe you just want to create a deep bond where you have never had one before with a Leo?

I have worked in Astrology for a very long time, doing consultations, readings, and research on the signs and how they act in relationships. I know that for a Leo there are four key things that will empower him to create a deep and lasting bond! 

If you want my tried-and-true secrets to creating an unbreakable bond with a Leo man then you’ve come to the right page! Keep reading to find out how to bring the Leo man into a deeper bond than you’ve ever had before.

4 Ways To Develop A Deeper Bond With Your Leo Man

1. Be A Kid Again!

Deep Bond With A Leo Man

Leos are ruled by the Sun which represents creativity (since all life on Earth stems from the light from the Sun). Creativity also encompasses children! Think of ‘The Sun’ tarot card and the children that are pictured on it that are happy and unashamed and you’ll be getting close to the type of energy a Leo is most comfortable in. 

The Leo is uniquely suited to being childlike well into his adult years. This is when he feels most enlivened and upbeat. You’ll notice that any time he’s forced to act like a ‘grown up’ it’s like a wet blanket has been thrown over him.

The best way to form a deeper bond with a Leo is to get him in his element where he is feeling incredibly youthful. Think about what you did to have fun as a kid and consider how you can apply that to your relationship with your Leo man.

When you were a kid, did you go to the creek and catch frogs? Did you go to Chuck-E-Cheese? Did you paint or draw? Do those things with your Leo guy! The Leo likely won’t be averse to these ideas since they are light and fun (maybe switch Chuck-E-Cheese to Dave n’ Buster’s though!). When you find your perfect kid-at-heart friendly activity then I know you’ll find yourself bonding deeper with your Leo man. 

2. Pump Up The Romance

Romance With A Leo Man

Leo is associated with the Fifth Astrological House, which equates to all things romantic! This is the house of flirting, one-night stands, as well as displays of affection. You’ll notice that your Leo is likely big on these overt and obvious displays of his love for you.

If you aren’t sure how to be romantic, then just know that with a Leo, the bigger the better! You’ll want to really play up your displays of affection so that the Leo is made the center of attention. Nothing is too big for a Leo.

You know those corny singers in restaurants that all come out wearing sombreros? This is exactly the kind of thing the Leo man is looking for. Think to yourself, what’s the boldest romantic gesture I’ve got in my book? Got it? Now multiply it! 

It can feel strange at first to go so big in your displays. The Leo man is so open to love that he’ll take all you’ve got to give. I know that you can come up with some wonderful, romantic activities to totally draw your Leo man in to a deeper bond with you. 

3. Indulge Their Drama

If you’ve been with your Leo for a good amount of time then I know you’ve seen their dramatic side. It comes out of every Leo eventually! You’ll realize that little problems tend to become BIG issues with a Leo, even if somewhere in their hearts they know it’s just not that big of a deal. 

The Leo naturally communicates in an exaggerated way which is what makes them come off to you and I as completely over the top. I’ve seen it many times before in my years as a Relationship Astrologer. The thing about the Leo is that if you act like their issues aren’t the biggest issues in the world, then they will limp away with a hurt ego! 

If you want to develop a stronger relationship with your Leo man then you should work on playing into their dramatization of problems. Act like their problems and encounters really are that big of a deal. 

If they are complaining loudly about the person who cut them off in traffic, then play into it by saying something like: “How dare they! They could have killed someone!” even if you know it’s not quite that extreme.

The Leo will feel validated when you choose to do this sometimes. You’ll be feeling a deeper bond with the Leo because he feels that you really get his point of view and he’ll continue to open up. What are some ways that you can tell the Leo that his drama is justified?

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4. Make Him Feel Like A Star

Probably one of the most infamous characteristics in the Zodiac is the Leos love for attention. Even some people who aren’t into Astrology will tell you about this Leo trait! I have to say, I myself have noticed this Leonine trait in my studies and in my consultations. Leos simply feel best when it’s all about them! 

Think about the physical positioning of the Sun (Leo’s ruler)… it’s in the center of the Universe and everything revolves around it. This is precisely how the Leo sees himself, for better or worse. 

You will get a VIP pass into the Leo heart when you let him know that you think he really is a star. If you love him enough to research this article, then I know you’re already well aware of this sign’s star potential and want to see him blossom! 

A Leo will live up to the expectations that others have of him. If you expect great things of him then you’ll get great things. If you are just annoyed by his demeanor then you’ll get one salty kitty. 

This is why you should let him know how much you adore his star quality. Make it about him often and focus on his stories and experiences. You’ll find that he reflects back to you all of the attention that you pour into him.

Have you ever successfully deepened your bond with a Leo man? How did you assist him in doing so? Let me know in the comments what your ultimate secret was! 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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2 thoughts on “4 Ways To Develop A Deeper Bond With Your Leo Man

  1. Going on 8 months with my Leo man ( I’m an Aquarius) I have never felt a love so deep or a connection more powerful. I’m devouring all the knowledge. He’s talking marriage and he makes me believe in it. This is a forever feeling and I’m not used to it, but I love it. And him…

    1. Hi Mandy!

      I am happy to hear that your Leo man relationship is really working well. Keep your communication open with him so you don’t lose that feeling. Keep your romance exciting and adventurous. He’ll love it. Make sure he always knows he’s loved but don’t neglect your own needs to do so. Take care of yourself and make sure things are fair between you. I wish you all the very best with your Leo man love!

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