5 Reasons Why A Leo Man Is So Hard To Love

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you head over heels for the popular and steamy Leo guy? Maybe you’re just now crushing or perhaps you’ve been in a relationship with him for many years. Either way, you found yourself totally entranced by his aura and energy at some point. But what are some of the reasons the Leo guy is hard to love? What should you know before you get in too deep? 

Are you head over heels for the popular and steamy Leo guy? Maybe you’re just now crushing or perhaps you’ve been in a relationship with him for many years. Either way, you found yourself totally entranced by his aura and energy at some point. 

But what are some of the reasons the Leo guy is hard to love? What should you know before you get in too deep? 

As a Relationship Astrologer, I pride myself on my ability to be honest about the downsides of each sign. It’s hard to hear, but it’s always helpful to know what you’re getting yourself into or to get some recognition for what you go through dating a certain sign! 

I’m here to tell you all the reasons the Leo can be difficult to love so that you can see the signs and choose to love them anyways or peacefully move along to the next one!

5 Reasons Why A Leo Man Is So Hard To Love

1. The Diva Attitude

Hard To Love Leo Man

Leos are one of the more famous signs in the Zodiac and one thing that everyone knows about Leos is that they have all the worst traits that everyone thinks of famous people having: brattiness, drama, and entitlement being some of the ones that come to mind.

I know a Leo who I witnessed get only minorly critiqued by our peer in a very calm, kind way. I personally didn’t think anything huge or dramatic had occurred. But then I heard the Leo tell the story to their acquaintance and the Leo stated that he was “screamed at” and “thrown under the bus” …all over what I thought was a reasonable, quiet, and civil interaction! 

You can look forward to your Leo using verbiage like this to detail events that you and I likely wouldn’t think twice over. As a result, they can easily get the reputation for blowing things out of proportion. It’s hard to love someone who can’t take a friendly critique or one that can’t perceive things accurately or calmly! 

Much to the Leo’s chagrin, they also end up making themselves look like a victim when they describe events like this or when they make things out to be worse than they really are. 

2. They Need Constant Reassurance

If a Leo does something really cool but no one was around to see it, did they really do something cool? Not in the eyes of the Leo! It isn’t enough that the Leo thinks that what they did or said was awesome, they need everyone around them to also sing their praises or else they might as well not have done anything at all!

The Leo is going to always desire someone else on the sidelines cheering them on, or else they might as well not be in the game. Being a hero isn’t enough, they need to be a hero in the eyes of others. 

When the Leo man says something snappy or does something bold, he’ll want someone else that he admires around to admire him in return. This can feel really frustrating for a partner who isn’t interested in seeing their partner perform for their imaginary fans! It can easily lead to frustration, highlighting it as one way that the Leo man is hard to love.

3. They Can’t Take Direction

Hard To Love Leo Man Can’t Take Direction

Like all fire signs, Leos are willful and full of opinions. They have drive and motivation, and so in their minds they are the best pick to be the leader of any situation. They enjoy and relish having full power and direction over their fate… and the fates of those ‘beneath’ them. 

If you’re dating a Leo, it will become apparent that they want to be the dominant on in the relationship. If you’re not a shrinking violet (who might appreciate such direction from a Leo), then you might find yourself getting mighty annoyed by this dominance!

Leos struggle to take direction from others because they have to view themselves as totally in charge or their whole self-perception shatters! Trying to put them back on the right course or attempting to keep your own power in the relationship can be daunting when Leos tend to be so overpowering. 

This could easily drive a woman to question why she’s in love with this guy who won’t let her take a stand for herself lest it bruise his sensibilities. It can certainly make the man hard to love in her eyes. 

4. They’re Jealous

Leo Man Jealous Behaviour

Leos do of course have good traits, like being fiercely loyal to their partners. They don’t have a wandering eye and they’re usually repulsed by those that do, which can be a great comfort to those that date the Leo. 

Because of their fierce loyalty, they also expect such behavior from their partner, rightly so. Except until their expectation for fidelity turns into a big green monster of jealousy. Leos act tough but are soft and squishy inside. As a result, they protect their feelings with dedication, no matter how it makes those around them feel. 

If you’re a loyal partner who has given the Leo no reason to be concerned and yet they are questioning you like a police officer every time you leave the house, you’ve got some serious issues in your relationship. It does not surprise me that this trait can have the woman looking to rip her hair out and questioning how she ended up with this guy!

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5. They Have A Big Ego

Leos are famous for a few things and their epically large ego is one of them! They seek the approval and praise of others in order to build up their own feelings about themselves… and we all know that relying on others to feel good about ourselves is ALWAYS a good plan, right?

If the partner of the Leo is not praising him enough, showing their appreciation, or just acting like they’re God’s gift to the world, the Leo will begin questioning if you even love them at all! They’ll be so addicted to getting your sympathy and attention that they’ll become even more dramatic in an attempt to get your eyes to focus on them. 

Partners of Leos know very well that they need that sort of intense support or else they risk bringing out the tyrant that sits inside of the Leo. Partners of the Leo can feel like they’re being run ragged attempting to keep the little prince from throwing an epic tantrum! 

Now seems like a good time to follow up with the fact that just because all of these traits are known to pop up in Leos does not, by any means, mean that they are bad people in general. They have the potential to be some of the most loving and warm people in the Zodiac, but this isn’t to say they don’t come with their frustrations! 

Have you dated a Leo in the past? What did they do that make it hard to love them? Let us know down in the comments! 

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Wishing you all the luck in the universe, 

Anna Kovach

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5 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why A Leo Man Is So Hard To Love

  1. Seeing a Leo he’s confusing and cold and aloof a lot. Frustrates me he can’t and won’t show feeling and emotions. Want to talk to him but the way he looks at me and body language I don’t even try.

    1. Hi Shanna Warren!

      Sounds like he’s not fully invested in you. An invested Leo will give you time, attention, affection, and will treat you like a queen. He’ll also open up and tell you about how he feels. When he isn’t doing this, he’s holding back and not letting you in because he either feels you aren’t the one or that he’s not sure about you. Either way, I would call him on it and see what he has to say for himself.

  2. I’ve been dating a Leo guy for the past nine months Anna. I purchased your Leo Man Secrets and was everything that I needed to be for this man. I am a Taurus woman and I initially was swept off of my feet by this Leo man. He spoke into all of my hopes, desires, and aspirations for a future with him. Nevertheless, I began to question is hot and cold temperament, his not calling and/or texting; not spending time with me; never available when we make plans. It was all too much. Recently, I discovered that he has been cheating and leading me on from the very beginning; he won’t even admit it nor apologize for hurting me in the manner that he did. He is manipulative, calculating, and deceptive. My intention tried to warn me but I did not heed to what I ultimately knew. It took proof for me to finally realize that he is not the man for me. This also guy is cunning and not at all what I have read nor experienced with his Sun sign, Moon sign, or anything. Initially, I was heartbroken, now I am just thankful that the relationship is over. I say all of this to say that, this type of Leo guy is out there and in the prowl. He is charming and charismatic with a very dark, sadistic side. He will do anything to have his way with no regard to how he hurts you in the process. Ladies, take heed to what your intuition tells you, it will save you time, energy, love, and compassion. Be very careful and protect your heart at all times.

    1. Hi ES!

      I’ve heard many times over that Leo men are somewhat narcissistic in the way that they are all about what they want. This can be true but a Leo man who actually really and truly loves a woman will be really good to her. Yes, you definitely need to listen to your intuition when it gives you hints because it’s always right. When you ignore it is when you run into problems. I’m sorry you got a bad seed sweetheart but not all Leo’s are dark like this. I hope you’re able to find a man who is much more open and caring with you. I wish you the best!

      1. Thanks Anna, and I truly believe that the right man is still out there for me. He was very different from any other guy that I’ve ever been in a relationship with and I will never give up on love. I am a hopeless romantic, he was the first guy that I dated in four years, so it was very devastating for me to discover all the deception and manipulation, but I’ll get over it, and heal my heart. I am still hopeful, so I’ll rest with that.

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