Leo Man in Love: Will Life with Him Look like a Fairy Tale?

If you’re getting involved with a Leo man or perhaps planning a higher level of commitment, here are some things you need to know about the Leo man in love.

Are you finding yourself falling in love with a luscious Leo man? It’s easy to do since he’s so incredibly romantic. If you’re considering getting involved with a Leo man or perhaps planning a higher level of commitment, here are some things you need to know about the Leo man in love.

Picture Perfect Relationship

The Leo man is very success driven and typically good at what he does. He’s also someone who seeks out a woman who will feed his need for attention and adoration.

He wants to basically make his life look like a Hallmark moment. This is what drives him to be very romantic, attentive, and loyal to the woman he decides to partner up with. He will fall in love with love.

He wants the perfect relationship. He doesn’t accept that relationships are not only perfect but, take some work. It doesn’t mean he won’t stop striving for it though. He wants it all.

Whoever he falls in love with will get wined, dined, and treated like an absolute queen while she’s with him. He will want you to have all the very best. He’ll buy you gifts, take you on trips, and show you off.

He will choose a beautiful woman to fall in love with. He appreciates beauty in all forms but he really does love having a woman on his arm who is eye candy. Intelligence is important as is being sweet, loyal, and successful.

Leo man wants a woman that will make him look as though he’s conquered the world and delivered him a prize. I’m not saying he’s going to treat you like an object but he likes to flaunt what he has.

Leo man seeks to have a partner that he can whisk off to some exotic place for a weekend getaway, a woman he can buy jewelry for, and dress up to take out with friends or family.

Best Friends Forever

Leo Man In Love

The Leo man also tends to want to love a woman who becomes his best friend in the world. He wants to be able to talk to her and tell her everything about what he feels or what he thinks.

When he’s in love, he will also respect your opinions and thoughts on things. He may ask for advice or just some reassurance that he’s making the right choices. When you find him asking for your thoughts, he’s probably in love with you.

Going forward in a life together, he will always come home to you for comfort, love, romance, and someone he can absolutely confide in. You being his best friend is something that makes him feel very strong.

It’s assured that when a Leo man feels totally secure in love, he will also exude confidence in every other area of his life. As long as you’re giving to him and treating him like a King, he will assuredly treat you as his Queen.

If you’re ready for someone who will put you on a pedestal and try to give you the world, this is your guy. Leo man is something to behold. He may not always be ready to commit right out of the gate but he’s worth the wait.

When he feels he can trust his partner and wants to have a future with her, he will relax and fall deeply in love. This will secure a spot in his heart for his lovely partner.

Being his best friend is definitely the way to go when you’re trying to get closer to him and definitely required to fall in love. If you find that you’re already best friends then you’re pretty much already there. Jump in!

Keeping it Real

While this relationship may feel magical at the beginning, once things start to settle down, the real Leo man emerges. This isn’t to scare you off. However, you need to know he does have some draw backs.

He’s possessive, he’s jealous; he can sometimes come off as opinionated and may hold out expectations of you. He’s the type that prefers a woman who is submissive to him.

Leo men can be very old fashioned in thinking a woman isn’t as important as a man when it comes to making critical decisions. While he adored your opinions in the beginning, it may not stay that way if he disagrees.

He may come off as an arrogant jerk sometimes. Again, I’m not trying to freak out you but Leo men are overpowering on occasion. He can seem like one of those stereotypical conceited and narcissistic fools.

The Leo man is capable of trying to tell his partner what he believes she should be doing and if she fights him on it, he’ll resent her for not accepting what he thinks is best.

The Truth

Leo man in love

Not all Leo men are like this but many of them are very capable. You can try to find middle ground with your Leo but be sure you keep your wits about you. If you’re a strong woman who doesn’t put up with any crap, you may have a hard time with him.

If you don’t mind letting him have the control in the relationship then you’re probably alright. He can be quite dreamy in the beginning of a love affair but when it starts to settle, he changes a bit.

I would say that it begins as a fairytale that becomes more real as time wears things down a bit. You’ll both have to clearly communicate to make things last and stay strong.

He’s capable of being one of the sweetest and most giving men on the planet but he will absolutely hold expectations of the relationship and of you. As long as you two discuss where you stand and what you feel, you can make it.

Just know that Leo man isn’t really the fairy tale type. He really does try but ultimately he ends up wanting it his way instead of the right way. Learn who he is and you’ll get a better handle on what the future holds.

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