How to Go From Coworkers to Lovers with a Leo Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Have a Leo coworker who’s getting your engine started on the job? Let me help you get this guy looking in your direction so that you can take this relationship out of the cubicles!

Have a Leo coworker who’s getting your engine started on the job? Let me help you get this guy looking in your direction so that you can take this relationship out of the cubicles!

So, you’re crushing on a Leo coworker with whom you’d like to escalate the relationship. It’s hard to know what moves are going to be most accepted by the person you’re talking to, but fear not! Astrology can help you out.

Flattery, Flattery, and More Flattery

The Leo man is nothing if not prideful. He is a man who knows his worth and who would like very much for others to know it too!

This is a man who needs words that gas him up much of the time. He thrives on knowing that he is appreciated by others and he will go above and beyond for those that prove that they admire him. 

Throwing some compliments his way around the water cooler or making sure to stop by his workspace to comment on how good he smells or the quality of his work output lately would be a prime way to attune his radar to you. 

His pride and vanity can be an annoyance once you get closer to him. However, this is not to say that you can’t use this fact about him to your advantage while you’re sending feelers out to see if he’s into you. 

Leos love exhibition and public displays. They’re the most dramatic sign of the Zodiac, so naturally they love when everyone is watching. It’s a good idea to publicly compliment his work at the next staff meeting or to make sure that you’re complimenting him within earshot of his other coworkers.

Let Him Lead

Flirting With Leo Coworker

A Leo man fancies himself a regal ruler. His animal symbol is that of the lion and this guy loves to metaphorically stand on a tall rock and laud over his empire.

So, if there is a project at work you are collaborating on then draw back at times to let him flex his leadership skills… and to really make him feel good compliment him on how well he leads the group. 

If you’re partnered up with him at work then make sure you steer the conversation towards past times that he has been able to assert control and lead those around him. A Leo will have no shortage of these stories. 

If it seems like he is heading in the direction of asking you out then just step back and let him do it. This is going to be a big boom to his ego to know that he took the initiative and that it turned out in his favor.

Flirt With Him!

Flirting With a Leo Man - Leo Man Coworker

These guys are not going to be hard to flirt with. A Leo man is really one of the easiest guys in the Zodiac to seduce, as long as you make him feel wanted and needed and praised. 

They readily assume that they are being flirted with on a good day, so when you try your hand at flirting with him at work, he is going to catch on that this is what’s going on. 

I suggest sweet comments at first. Talk about how good he is at his position, how nice his meal was that he brought in for the staff, or how intelligently he comes off. This is going to leave him open for more overtly flirtatious behavior. 

You can begin asking him about his girlfriend (when he will hopefully say he has none!), his style of dress, the way he does his hair (since Leos very often have a magnificent mane attached to them), and so on. 

After all of this verging-on-flirting behavior you can start adding in phrases that indicate how good he makes you feel when you work with him, how you think he is handsome, or how you wish you both hung out outside of work. 

Have Fun With Him

Having Fun With A Leo Coworker

Leos famously have a childish streak to them. The fifth house is associated with Leos and the fifth house rules parties, children, casual sex (don’t get any ideas about doing this at work, girl), and creativity. Knowing these things, it gives you something to work with. 

He likes to keep things lighthearted (unless he’s in a bad mood when everyone in the tri-state area should be informed about his bad day if it were up to him). So, joke around with him and lightly tease him. He can take a little teasing if he is a more developed and self-assured Leo, and if it’s clear you don’t mean it, he loves it!

He wants to play games and flex his creativity. So, ask him what colors you should paint your bedroom, what art should go where, or talk to him about his favorite movies. Leos love the theater and arts so they are naturally drawn to movies and tv shows with actors. 

He loves kids, so if you have any then talk about them because he might just be the guy who is into this part of your life! 

Don’t Downplay Your Feelings

Leos love big and beautiful displays. If they get the feeling you are barely holding back your feelings for him because of work, this is going to drive him nuts. 

Romance is a concept that Leos can wrap their heads around. They love displays of affection, they love love, and they are easily swept up in the drama of it all. So, this is one sign where you don’t have to hide how you’re feeling about them.

He will likely play right into your efforts to snag his attention. Give him a wink when you pass him at work, have your hand linger a little too long when you’re taking papers from his hand, or remember things he said a long time ago and bring them up later so he knows that his words meant something to you.

Now, keep in mind your workplace policies when considering this. Obviously, it would put a hitch in the plans if you were fired for inappropriate conduct, so make sure your emotions are shown in a reasonable way! 

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Final Thoughts

Remember, a Leo man is going to want to keep things light and bright. They will likely be receptive to your advances, so after you’ve tested the waters and he’s given you the green light with his positive reactions then don’t be afraid to up the ante a little bit! 

He’s not a hard man to seduce as long as you keep in mind that he likes to lead, he likes flattery, and he just wants to have a good time. Feed a Leo’s ego and watch that cat purr. 

Did you know that yummy actor Chris Hemsworth is a Leo? Look at his gorgeous wife, Elsa Pataky. She seems to be bright and radiant. No wonder he chose her!

Have you made a co-worker into your partner? How did it go? I’d love to hear from you in the anonymous comments section!

And if you’re curious to know what the future holds for you and your Leo crush, then check out my free compatibility quiz here!

Wishing you all the luck of the universe.

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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