The Leo Man With Sagittarius Rising – How Adventurous Is He?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Have you started dating a lusty Leo man who seems to want to hop the next plane to some exotic place? That's because he is the Leo man with Sagittarius rising.

Have you started dating a lusty Leo man with a Sagittarius Rising who seems to want to hop onto the next plane to some exotic place as often as possible? Maybe he wants to take weekend trips every chance he gets.

If he has the bug to keep going places, has an adventurous spirit, and loves to travel and talk about philosophy then he sounds like a Leo man with a Sagittarius Rising.

This man is all fire, baby! He is passionate, adventurous, nomadic, interesting, and a man who will always keep you on your toes. You’ve chosen quite a guy who is going to surprise you every step of the way.

If you’re looking to find out more about the Leo man who has a Sagittarius Rising, then keep on reading. You are going to need these tips to be able to keep up with him.

A Positive And Fruitful Mixture

The fact that both of these signs are Fire signs is a positive vibe. They blend naturally and truly help enhance Leo’s already amazing traits. The Leo with Sagittarius Rising man is that much more optimistic and has a real zest for life.

This Leo man will tend to want to get outdoors more and travel whenever he possibly can. A Sagittarius Rising adds to the fire in his heart to enjoy life for all it’s worth and you’ll find him always living for “today.”

He isn’t much of a planner – he is a nomad, a man who lives for adventure and finding the best experience out of every day.

This brand of Leo man will absolutely want to seize every moment that fills his life with excitement and great joy. This may make him less committal when it comes to relationships – but it also makes him look harder instead of settling for any pretty face that pays him a compliment.

Sagittarius Rising forces Leo to take inventory of how much he loves his life, how much he loves the freedom to be himself, and how his future partner has to be pretty darned incredible for him to settle down.

It’s not at all a bad thing, really. It makes him less prone to diving into relationships too quickly and makes him more selective. If only all the other male signs could be like this!

Professional Traits

leo sagittarius rising

The Leo man with Sagittarius Rising likely has some terrific imagination which can lead him to be open more to things that he might not be otherwise. This broadens his horizon for business success.

His confidence and self-respect make him a man that people can look up to and feel comfortable working with or for. He’d make a tremendous business owner as long as he controls his urges to take too many risks.

Where Sagittarius Rising may not dive in too quickly with a relationship – he may be more interested in taking risks that perhaps aren’t a good idea when it comes to business situations.

This man is very likely to succeed and accomplish whatever he sets his mind to. He’s good at what he does, and his sense of what is good in the world helps him develop admirable skills.

When he really puts his skills to the test, he’ll achieve his life’s dreams and aspirations with little to no effort. It’s not unlikely for him to have his own business or be involved in a business where he can travel the world.

Negative Traits

Naturally, with the good, there is sometimes bad. With a Leo man having a Sagittarius Rising, he may be a bit flakier and more non-committal. He isn’t one to want to be tied down.

Sagittarius Rising can sometimes make decisions based on how they feel or what “vibe” they get. However, that’s not always an accurate assessment, and any risk taken without facts may be a downfall.

The Leo/Sagittarius Rising man may also be a little too self-indulgent. Leo will want to take care of his own needs and desires above others which can cause problems in a romantic relationship.

He has to learn to compromise and use Leo’s desire to please his mate. If he lets his Sagittarius Rising take center stage, then he may end up caring so much about himself that he alienates those he loves.

This type of guy may have a tendency to do things that perhaps he shouldn’t. He may gamble on life or develop an actual addiction to gambling itself. That’s not an admirable trait.

The Leo man needs to take control of that side of him and put his foot down. This may not be easy to do but if he can find that natural balance, he’ll still find success without gambling too much away.

The Leo with Sagittarius Rising man may also want to keep moving on to new adventures, thus, leaving some life behind him. This could cause him to be promiscuous or flaky with a partner.

I’m not saying that they all cheat, but I am saying that Leo having Sagittarius as his Rising sign could cause him to fight the temptation to want to try new experiences with new people.

As long as he has a strong partner that keeps his eyes on the prize, the Leo man that has a Sagittarius Rising can defeat the feelings he has to wander and stay focused on his partner at present.

When It All Comes Down To It

leo sun sagittarius rising

If done correctly, the Leo man can actually find himself some huge success in his life if he allows the Sagittarius Rising’s creativity to help him look outside of the box and enjoy what life has to offer.

He’ll need to fight some urges that his Rising sign may want him to take part in but as long as Leo remembers who he is and what he’s living for, he can use his inner strength to stay on track.

With love, Leo should be able to discern a bit better when he’s going to choose a love that will last. He’ll be careful and though he’s willing to take a good risk, he will want to be sure the woman he chooses is the right one rather than just anyone.

He needs to remember the generosity that the Leo man has within himself so that he doesn’t allow the Sagittarius Rising to make him selfish or too self-involved. He’ll turn friends and loved ones off if he isn’t careful with his behavior.

Indeed, this may be a fight for the Leo man who has a Sagittarius Rising. It’s hard to take the good and leave the bad. He’ll have times of conflict for sure but the woman that loves him will ensure he stays strong as Leo should!

How A Leo Man With Sagittarius Rising Acts In Love

A Leo man with a Sagittarius Rising is sociable, attractive, and quite the womanizer. This is the type of guy you need to be careful of falling in love with because he has the potential to break your heart.

He knows how to attract women to him, but seems to never really find someone who is good enough to fulfill all his needs. He mainly enjoys relationships when he can get something out of them. Like the admiration and attention which he so desires.

He tends to fall for women who are inquisitive and curious. He wants to be with a woman who has a lively mind full of questions about the world. And he also needs to be with a woman who can enjoy life and doesn’t get uncomfortable in lavish situations. He wants to be with someone who can live largely without any guilt.

A free spirit is perfect for him. You will need to put him in his place or else he will just take and take from you until there is nothing left to give. Only a seriously spectacular woman will be able to make this man fall in love.

When he falls in love is the type to run away and pretend like he is still a single troubadour. He can’t admit to having feelings because this goes against the image he projects to the world. He’ll pretend to be disinterested and find ways of distracting himself because he can’t even admit it to himself.

How To Keep A Leo Man With A Sagittarius Rising Interested – What To Do Next

Now that you know more about the Leo man with a Sagittarius Rising and what it takes to keep him interested, you might have some second thoughts on whether this man is truly worth pursuing you. You might not think you have what it takes to make him yours, but of course, you do. You’ve got this, don’t doubt yourself for one second!

All you really need to do is to make your Leo man with Sagittarius Rising feel important and like he is a priority in your life. He needs to feel like he is the alpha in your life and that you will do what it takes to make him happy. This kind of devotion and loyalty goes a long way with a Leo man, but don’t forget your sense of adventure as well.

He also really enjoys it when you make him feel needed. When you ask him to support you, when you ask his advice, all these little things mean a great deal to him in the relationship. He needs to know that he is the rock you depend on in life.

Remember to give him a lot of attention and spoil him rotten with gifts. He is quite the romantic, so he really appreciates grand romantic gestures. This will definitely speak to his soul and have him coming back for more.

It is pretty simple to keep your Leo man hooked! Just follow all of these tips and he’ll be putty in your hands! Good luck!

Making a Leo man fall in love with you is pretty simple.

But keeping him interested is a whole other story…

He is a straightforward guy.

Being with a Leo man can be a totally new experience, he is so exciting and loving to be around.

You have never felt like this about anyone!

This man speaks to your soul, and you feel such a deep connection with him.

These men are some of the most desirable in the whole Zodiac.

He is sexy, smart, and incredibly devoted.

So, it makes sense why you are so drawn to your Leo man.

He makes you feel like the most amazing woman in the world!

However, things seem to be going askew with the two of you…

But how can you know what went wrong?

What did you do?

There is so much to uncover when you make your Leo man angry…

It is like he becomes a different person, totally unwilling to forgive you…

It is crucial that you understand what you need to avoid so that you don’t make your Leo man angry…

You love him so much, and this is the last thing you wanted to happen!

It is such a pity that recently it seems like he has been actively avoiding you…

You once thought he was in love with you, but suddenly he is acting all strange…

Whenever you reach out and try to speak to him, you are met with silence or short replies.

The faster he pulls away the more it just breaks your heart.

You just can’t seem to understand why your Leo man keeps ignoring you…

You are sure that you didn’t do something wrong!

And when you ask him, he says it is nothing…

But you know deep down in your gut that this just isn’t true…

Why can’t he just be honest with you so that you can fix it?

He is pulling away, and you know it…

If only there was something you could do to repair the relationship to its former glory.

You would do anything in the world to have your Leo man look at you the way he once did.

You love him with all your heart and you want to fix what is broken.

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There are definitely ways that you can turn all of this around and make your Leo man putty in your hands.

However, you need to be ready to commit to this change because once it has been made, then there is no going back.

There is so much you still have to learn about Leo men and the way they respond to love and romance.

And you deserve to know this information because it can be invaluable in the way you show up in your relationships.

The relationship you have always wanted is at your fingertips…

It just depends on you if you are ready to reach out and grab it!

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Wishing you so much love and happiness.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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