7 Ways To Reverse A Divorce With A Leo Man

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Are you looking for a way to reverse an impending divorce from your Leo love? Perhaps you have had second thoughts and want to give it another try. That’s normal – once divorce in on your doorstep, it’s common to want to work harder and save the relationship. Here’s how you can do it: 

Are you looking for a way to reverse an impending divorce from your Leo love? Perhaps you have had second thoughts and want to give it another try. That’s normal – once divorce in on your doorstep, it’s common to want to work harder and save the relationship. Here’s how you can do it: 

If you’re still in love with your Leo man and want to give your marriage another go, there is hope. This Zodiac sign is one that tends to want to fight for your relationship, and he doesn’t let go that easily, either. So, that’s half the work already done! 

There’s no shame in changing your mind, either. The Leo man is a great guy, even if he has an ego and can be selfish. He’s protective loyal, generous, passionate and romantic. He loves his family, which includes you, and he’s strong and confident. 

There’s plenty to love about him when you think about it, right? Perhaps you’ve had some rough times, and perhaps its interpersonal – maybe it’s been work stress, having children, ex-partner drama, family problems, health issues or financial stress, that’s all taken a toll on your relationship.  

In other words, sometimes, it’s not because of you or him. Life happens. Maybe you are seeing that now, and realized you are actually a wonderful match. Everyone has problems – it’s how you deal with them that matters! 

So, when you’re on the brink, I’ve got some tips and advice that can help you to try to turn the tide. Hopefully your Leo man is on board with you, and is also willing to put in the work in order to keep your relationship alive and thriving! 

7 Ways To Reverse A Divorce With A Leo Man

1. Boost His Ego

Ways To Reverse A Divorce With Leo Man - Boosting Leo Mans Ego 

Want to see your Leo man shine again? Boost his ego. Make him feel amazing about who he is. The chances are good that he’s feeling pretty low about himself ever since your problems started, and he really doesn’t take rejection very well. 

Tell him all the good things you love about him, what you feel he contributes to your life and relationship, how attractive he is and how talented he is. It may all sound superficial, but this really means the world to him. He thrives when you shower him with this kind of attention and validation! 

Of course, you have to mean it. Don’t let inauthentic flattery lead the way – say it as you feel it. He will feel when you’re speaking the truth, and respond it the same kind of love and complimented words. 

Build each other up again. Remind yourself why you fell in love in the first place! 

2. Focus On Your Family

Sometimes, reversing a divorce can work by focusing your joint attention on your family. Not to say that you should stay together for your family – because that seldom fixes the problems – but when you work as a team, you can feel united again. 

After all, Leo is the sign of family, and for them family does come first. He really wants to hold the family together, and perhaps just learning to work together again will help you to realize why this is the person you chose to spend your life with. 

Organize family days and activities, and spend time together again, in an easy, light way. Try not to let this be a time of too much pressure! 

3. Make Him Feel Validated

Leo men often feel loved when they are validated. When they are told that what they are doing is “right,” or how they felt was true. 

They love to be seen by their partners, and if you have gotten into a pattern of ignoring him, invalidating him or making him feel unaffirmed, this would be grounds for a divorce. 

Of course, it works both ways, so you can make sure he validates you too. Sometimes, that just means learning to apologize. He can have a rather large ego, so be sure to draw the line and not grovel for him. 

You likely both contributed to the problems in your marriage, and therefore you can both fix them. 

4. Take Him On Romantic Dates

How To Reverse A Divorce With Leo Man

Want to make him feel ultra-special? Whisk him away on a romantic date! Make that a few dates! Even if the roles feel like they don’t fit (he tends to be a manly man), he will still love it when he’s wooed, wined and dined. 

It will remind him of when you first started dating. It will bring back all those delicious memories of being happy together, before problems came up. It will make your love life seem fun again, rather than constant work. He thrives when things are fun, light and playful. 

5. Fight For Him

If you really, really want to reverse a divorce with this man, then get up and fight for him, ladies! He’s not letting go easily, so neither should you. and it’s not just about holding on, but also, about letting him know how important he is to you. 

This means:  going to counselling, taking him out on date, telling him you want him back, making an effort to change. This last one – making the effort to change – is potentially the most important part of fighting for him. He is a man of action, not words

So, show him you want him back, and he will respect, admire, and love you for it. He will come to the party and fight just as hard, when he knows you are on the same team together! 

6. Be Open To The Challenges

Reverce A Divorce With Leo Man

Be aware that reversing a divorce will mean being open to the challenges that will come as a result of working on things together. You won’t be able to sugar coat your marriage issues, so be open about them, and talk though how you are going to overcome them

This could mean being really real with yourself, and with your Leo guy, being open, and owning your own “stuff.” It means being humble and realistic, and taking ownership that you have a long way to go – together! 

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7. Own Your Part

Finally, to make your marriage work again, and along with being open to challenges, you’ll need to own your part of why the marriage fell apart in the first place. This could mean facing some very hard truths, truths that perhaps you’d rather not be vulnerable about. 

However, vulnerability breeds honesty, and that’s really what you need when it comes to trying to fix a broken connection. If you’re honest, he’ll be honest too, following your example. This may also mean putting your ego aside for a moment and getting down to reality! 

In conclusion, reversing a divorce with the Leo man should be something that can be done more easily than with most men, simply because he is such a devoted family man, and usually, a loving husband. He wants to make it work as much as you do, usually

Good luck, and if you feel like it, go ahead and share your Leo man stories below – they will stay totally anonymous! 

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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