The Leo Man with Scorpio Rising – How Exotic is This Guy?

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
The Leo man with Scorpio rising can be very confusing at times. One minute he’s hot and heavy with a woman then in the next he’s pulled back and withdrawn.

Do you notice that your Leo guy just seems to have some magical draw with other people? When you’re out on a date with him; do others gawk at him or try to talk to him? Perhaps you’re seeing a Leo man who seems to have people around him almost always. Why is this? Scorpio rising certainly adds a bit of flair to his chemistry. Keep reading for more information.

Like a Walking Magnet

The Leo man on his own; is typically a charismatic type of guy that most people are drawn in by. However; when you add Scorpio rising into the mix; people are lusting after this guy.

You may notice that he’s exceedingly handsome and even when you look at him; you just want to peel his clothes off and have a good ole romp in the hay. Others are likely looking at him this way as well.

They cannot seem to help themselves because he just exudes sexuality and unbelievable charms that lure anyone. This goes for men and women alike. Even straight men cannot help but stare at this man.

Scorpio rising is one that enhances the Leo man’s ability to turn anyone on without even trying. Once he starts talking and expressing his intelligence; it’s that much more intense.

While this is a winning combination for luring women in so they can have their choice of the crowd; there are things that make life a little strange or perhaps even difficult for them at times.

It’s Not All Glitz and Glam

Leo man with Scorpio rising

As attractive as these men are; they tend to take themselves a bit too seriously and can come off as very narcissistic. This is not an attractive quality. They may draw someone to them but their real personality could eventually turn someone off.

They think they know best in most situations and feel as though they’re “chosen” and therefore can treat people as though they are the dust beneath their bed. They need to be very careful how they treat people.

There are some areas where the Leo man with Scorpio rising clashes with himself. Leo man is very outgoing and social where the Scorpio man is more of the type that doesn’t want anyone knowing his business.

Scorpio rising may make the outspoken Leo man to be a bit reserved at times and could hinder his ability to socialize with important people. Scorpio rising seeks out success but being a recluse may not help him further his goals.

This can make for a confusing time for the Leo man and he’ll need to trust his urges to take risks and get out there even when he feels pulled not to. The other thing is that Scorpio rising can make a Leo man even more dominate than he already is.

The Leo/Scorpio rising could very well end up being a control freak if he isn’t watching his own balance in life. He needs to realize that he cannot control everything and that it’s a good thing.

Crossed Signals

When it comes to love and romance; the Leo/Scorpio rising guy can be very confusing at times. One minute he’s hot and heavy with a woman then in the next he’s pulled back and withdrawn.

Leo men are very sexual people as are the Scorpio. However; Scorpio rising will be a bit pickier about who he chooses to share his body with. Leo loves to have sex with any woman that gives him loads of compliments.

When he’s dating someone; he can seem very elusive one moment and then in the next very warm and compassionate. Who the heck is this guy Jekyll and Hyde? Truly; he is hard to understand.

Unfortunately something else that may be an issue is that Leo is normally very optimistic and go-hung to get out there and accomplish his dreams. Scorpio rising brings out a bit of pessimism and negative thinking.

The Leo guy that is normally happy go lucky will find himself brooding and moody sometimes thus causing arguments and problems in the relationships that he’s in. It can also make him seem unreliable which is not like the typical Leo.

Where’s the Gold?

Leo man with Scorpio rising

So what are the good traits that Leo/Scorpio rising men possess other than luring just about anyone to them? Well; both are driven for success and tend to want to befriend or rub elbows with people of importance.

The Leo/Scorpio rising man realizes that he can get further in life if he hob knobs with people in power. This is when he WILL be a bit more social. If he lets Scorpio rising press the pessimism button though; he could skew an important decision.

When he’s interested in someone romantically; this IS the guy that will absolutely chase you down to the ends of the Earth to make you his. You won’t ever wonder if he’s into you as he’ll make it loud and clear.

He may be a bit picky but once he chooses someone; he’s almost consumed with the desire to be with that person. He knows he better take some action or he may lose what could be the love of I his life.

They will always strive to seek the truth in every situation and with every person they encounter. They can tend to see through those who are not being honest and this can be a helpful skill in life.

Where you’ll need to be careful is when the Leo/Scorpio man wants to dominate and accuses you of things that maybe you didn’t actually do because he wants “the truth” not realizing that someone else is to blame.

If you ever do cross him or hurt him; you had better watch out. This guy is the type that may seek some type of retribution or revenge. It’s not wise to tangle with this combination.

The Scorpio rising wants to hurt you like you hurt him. Leo is already temperamental. The combination could be quite nasty. Just watch where you step and show him lots of love. That’s all he really wants from a lover anyway.

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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12 thoughts on “The Leo Man with Scorpio Rising – How Exotic is This Guy?

  1. I’m a Leo sun and Venus but my Scorpio rising makes me so reserved, people are always surprised when I say I’m a Leo Lol. Plus super sensitive, I’m a guy who feels very deeply. It’s a hard combination I’ll say that

    1. Hi Kameron!

      Thank you for writing in with input as a Leo man. I really appreciate it. Yes, it can definitely make you a bit more reserved and untrusting of people. You’re careful, cautious, and probably picky about who you are around is my guess. Yes, you do feel deeply with Scorpio rising. That’s a guarantee. Again, thank you for sharing your side of this. I’m appreciative!

  2. Hi, I am a Leo woman , with virgo Moon and Taurus rising, and sometimes I am lost which zodiac sign should I follow to describe myself.

    1. Hi Purna!

      Well, Virgo moon means you’re guarded emotionally, you’re selective, and you want honesty. Taurus rising will make you a very hard worker and fairly stable but you could be a little insecure from time to time. This makes you a unique Leo woman. You are probably more grounded and aren’t in the need to be out socializing as much as other Leos. You also may not be as needy either. You are probably self sufficient and independent as per the Virgo and Taurus strongly in your chart. You’re rare beauty that men would absolutely line up for! I hope that helps!

  3. Hi, I am a Leo sun, Leo moon, cancer venus and a Scorpio ascendant I feel things deeply and it is difficult for me to trust anyone or to express my feelings. Now i just live alone in peace.

    1. Hi Ishu!

      Thank you for sharing your information. Yes, your Scorpio rising makes you appear mysterious and tend to feel things on a much deeper level. Venus in Cancer is telling you that your type of woman is either a Cancer or that you should seek out another water sign as that’s the best match for you. Your Mars would tell you who you are as a lover. With Leo Sun and Leo Moon, you are what you seem to others. Again, thank you for writing in and sharing. You might locate yourself a water sign my friend!

  4. I’m so complicated I’m extroverted and introverted at the same time. I like to go on ranting sprees and talk to everyone and gain popularity and the next day im in a zone and will literally snap someones neck off i want to be alone for hours. why i am i so scary? It doesn’t make it any better when you have scorpio in moon and leo in mercury to.

    1. Hi Josh!

      Yes, that sounds about right. The Scorpio in you makes you more moody than your normal Leo self would be. Finding a way to balance yourself is what is needed. You should try yoga or meditation. Either or both would help you substantially. If you’re sporty, you can try boxing or something that you can work your frustrated energy out with. Mercury in Leo would actually make you a critical thinker with lots of ideas so that’s not a bad thing at all. Lift yourself up and try to be more optimistic. You don’t have to live this personality. You are Leo first and foremost. Work on your weaknesses and make yourself a stronger lion.

  5. Hello, thanks for this insight

    What about a Leo sun 2nd decade, moon in Gemini, Mercury Venus and mars in Virgo and Ascendant Scorpio ?

    I do feel deep, I am often jealous and I have this aura either super friendly and charming or focused and noone comes to me, I don’t mind being alone at all but the need to emotionally and physically bond with a woman can be so strong at times

    Still trying to figure my purpose in this life out but I would first like to be less serious and become a best version of myself ?

    1. Hi Yann!

      Gemini makes you more personable and easy to have fun with. Your Venus and Mars in Virgo may make you seem standoffish to love. That may be why they don’t find you approachable. You’re emitting a wall that you aren’t aware of but women pick up on it. That also is what makes you feel as though you don’t mind being alone. That’s a typical Virgo thing. You’re definitely a different breed of Leo my friend. You should have your chart read because that will reveal to you what your life purpose actually is. An Astrologer could really help you. In fact, you could actually purchase my Leo Man Secrets and get a free consultation with me if you’re up for it. I’ll leave it up to you! Wishing you all the best.

    1. Hi Astropoint!

      I’m having trouble understanding what you’re asking me. The article is about Leo Man with Scorpio rising so if this guy has a Moon that is a fire sign, it could make him more moody and temperamental but then again it may make him more passionate. It could make him more adventurous and alright with taking risks. I mean Leo man IS a fire sign so now double up the fire and you’ve got high desire. This would also be a very sexual person. Settling down may be difficult as the right mate would need to help keep him grounded or cooled down with water. There is always a lot involved. Hope this helped you!

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