How To Tell If You’re Wasting Your Time With A Leo Man

written by Anna Kovach
Is there trouble in paradise with you and your Leo man? If so, you’ve come to the right article. Though the Leo man is often not a hard one to read when it comes to identifying his feelings, it can be a challenge to find the source of those feelings if he isn’t being forthright with you. 

Is there trouble in paradise with you and your Leo man? If so, you’ve come to the right article. Though the Leo man is often not a hard one to read when it comes to identifying his feelings, it can be a challenge to find the source of those feelings if he isn’t being forthright with you. 

Maybe you’re wondering if it’s even worth trying with your Leo man anymore. I can assist in identifying the classic signs that a Leo is checking out of the relationship… and that it may be time to move on to something else to save your time and energy. 

His Ego Is Bruised

Leo Man's Ego Is Bruised

A Leo who is happy in his relationship will be feeling uplifted by it. A Leo will go and stay wherever he is being elevated to his highest potential. To a Leo, his highest potential involves feeling appreciated for the greatness he offers! 

After a while in a relationship his partner may have brought things up about him that are bothersome to her. It may not have even been in a spiteful manner, yet the Leo finds it easy to take critiques to heart. He has a gigantic yet fragile ego in many cases. 

After so long of hearing critiques about himself he may find that he is not feeling too amped to be around the one pointing out everything wrong with him! Underdeveloped Leos will find it difficult to hear any disapproval about them at all. He won’t be too excited to be in a relationship with someone he feels only sees his flaws (even if that couldn’t be further from the truth). 

If a Leo has reached the point where he believes that you only see the bad things about him, you may be wasting your time with him. It’ll take a lot of damage control to put his ego back together… and even then, it’s unlikely that you’ll go forever without inadvertently shattering it again! 

He’s Telling You Things You Don’t Want To Hear

A Leo man is typically really good at gassing up the people that he hangs around! He doesn’t associate with people who he doesn’t think are amazing. After all, that might damage his image. He typically will attempt to keep the mood light when it comes to his loved ones and he will usually attempt to look like a supportive savior to them.

If a Leo has begun to nitpick, bring up the past, and engage in condemning talk towards you, then it’s a sign that he has one foot out the door. A Leo is usually doing anything he can to keep those around him thinking highly of him. If he has become comfortable with looking like the bad guy to you, then it’s a sign that things are headed down a rocky road. 

If you can’t help but view him as a nuisance due to his constant nagging and fault-finding then he has stopped caring about how you view him, and this is very problematic for the direction of your relationship. It may be time to consider if it’s worth it to either of you at this point to continue. 

It’s All About Him

How To Tell If You Are Wasting Time With Leo Man

Leo’s love to build people up and inspire them. They are self-focused in a lot of ways, but inflating the egos of those around him benefits him since those people are now huge Leo man fans! After all, what Leo isn’t trying to be liked by everyone if they can help it?

Maybe your Leo used to do a good job of keeping your emotional cup full but now they are mostly concerned about their own feelings. This is a troubling sign since a Leo in love it typically pretty good about making their partner feel like they’re in the spotlight!

If your Leo is not acting quite so endearing lately, they ignore your issues when they arise, and they are never open to putting in more work for you than they have to, it may be time to consider that he has checked out of the relationship. Attempting to continue may not end the way you like! 

He’s Distant

Leos are ruled by the Sun and so naturally they are warm and friendly. They don’t mind intimacy and feeling close to their inner circle or their “pride” is of top importance for them. They don’t mind the intensity of devotion to those that they love when they’re feeling good about those they are close to. 

When the Leo man goes full incognito on you, something is up. Their big, bold energy is not always easy to get used to, but you’ll definitely notice when it’s dissipating. This is the time to begin pricking up your ears to find out where he is at, physically or mentally. 

When he is still physically near you and not out with others but he is still hands-off and hard to reach, this is even worse. He’s dynamic and energetic in his relationships when they’re doing well, so when he goes cold it is time to ask where all of that warmth went to. 

It’s as obvious as if the Sun blinked out when the Leo makes space for himself. This is a solid sign that his heart just isn’t in it anymore and it may not be worth the effort anymore.  

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He’s Mopey and Sad

A bummed-out Leo is a sorry sight indeed… if you thought a happy Leo was dramatic then try a blue Leo! And Leo’s get most upset in the context of social relationships, including the one with his partner. They take the opinions of those around them very seriously. 

When the Leo is sad, it’s a sign that there is a bigger issue at play within him. He usually won’t have an issue talking about why he is moody, in fact, the entire city will likely find out in typical Leo fashion!

If he is upset and not telling you about it then this is a solid sign that the issue is with you. This is a sign of other, less happy things to come. Unless something is done quickly, it may be too late to salvage what the two of you have.

Are you recognizing any of the signs I’ve mentioned in your Leo man? What ones is he making most obvious to you? Let me know down below in the comments! 

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Wishing you all the luck in the Universe, 

Anna Kovach

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