Leo Man Predictions For September 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly September predictions for your Leo man. Things to know about your Leo man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello Sweeties, I am really happy to present to you the guide for Leo Guy in September of 2023, as you know we produce these guides monthly and they are designed to help you whether you are dating Leo guy, in a romance or married.

We want you to understand the planetary energies and the likely impact these will have on your relationship with Leo Guy, or in turn his attitudes and moods, so it’s easier for you to navigate the month ahead.

Now what’s exciting about this month, is it’s all chopping and changing, just like the weather this time of year. We have Venus going direct in Leo, which is absolutely fantastic for Leo guy. Jupiter is going retrograde in Taurus and the New Moon is conjunct Mercury which goes direct in Virgo.

The planets triggered are Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune, so there’s plenty of scope for your fantasy life, invigorating romance, enjoying travel and also seeing improvements in terms of your financial affairs.

So without any further ado let’s look at the specific transits for this month.

Remember that we also have yearly guides that are filled with exciting information.

Venus goes direct in Leo – 4th of September

Venus was retrograde for about six weeks and this affected his level of confidence in his appearance, sexually and in terms of expressing affection.

He was more likely to second guess himself in terms of relationship decisions, he could have been a little bit blue or just clumsy and awkward because he wasn’t on song, however Venus going direct in Leo is fantastic for his confidence and it will help communication and affection in relationships, simply because there’s a free flow of emotion and his generous, positive, warm Leo spirit is able to shine through.

However, the truth is that it’s also a time when you guys need to work on teamwork and balance in your relationship. It’s important for you both to compromise and therefore there should be a theme running through the relationship of fairness, where neither is kind of pushing for something that the other one doesn’t want.

It’s vital for you not to be people pleasing right now, it’s important to create some boundaries, so show enthusiasm for certain plans but don’t be at all reticent about being cautious over things which you feel are less desirable for the relationship or for yourself.

Jupiter retrograde in Taurus – 5th September

This happens on the 5th of September and it’s quite relevant for Leo Guy in terms of his outlook on life in general, it may affect the decisions he’s making for his future and that could impact yourself as well. Responsibilities are felt more stringently by him right now, he’s keen to step up to the plate and he’s quite eager to push himself a little bit further.

He can become a lot more ambitious going forward, so he may be stepping into a slightly more proactive gear in terms of earning more money or taking back control over his life. He has quite good business instincts right now, he’s able to adapt to a balance of authority and the need to follow rules, while also expressing his independent thinking.

As a couple, this is also important time for thinking clearly about your finances and understanding what you as a family need to create more security, and then going after it. He’s far more likely to be proactive, he’s acutely aware of what’s not working in his life.

He’s undergone a process where there’s been a little bit of a reevaluation and now he wants to confront the difficulties, but he’s able to do it in quite a helpful way, rather than throwing the baby out with the bath water. A Leo man is not overly optimistic, he’s somewhere on the road in between and that can mean he’s charting a very careful course ahead.

New Moon in Virgo Trine Uranus opposite Neptune – 14th September

What’s really important right now is relationship depth, it’s essential that neither of you are shallow. I mentioned before the people pleasing is not the best option right now because it inevitably leads to white lies, insincerity and glossing over what’s really important, the more that you guys fail to be totally honest about the real issues facing the relationship, the more insecurity grows and that can make you more jealous and possessive, and this inevitably leads to control.

However, if you are being totally honest and upfront with each other, you can confront the problems that are creating the insecurities and therefore there’s no need for you to revert to negative forms of controlling behavior, you can rather try and control your lives to make them better. So this is part of being proactive and having faith in yourselves and your abilities to rise up to the challenge.

People pleasing happens when we feel there’s a lack of understanding in relationships, so know that if you are just going with the flow, it means you don’t have the confidence in your relationship that you can take it in a direction you want. Thus success right now is testing the relationship, by putting it through some challenges and you guys will come out stronger.

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Mercury direct in Virgo – 16th September

With Mercury retrograde, it was often hard for you guys to get a clear view of both your financial and relationship priorities, however now that Mercury is direct, it’s a good time for discussing matters related to your finances, but it’s not just about money because often money is merely a surface issue and underneath lurks very many crucial issues to do with boundaries and needs.

So remember that this month, it’s a good time for you to understand each other’s needs and to get a grip of where you are both at.

Couples and relationships are always evolving and at certain stages we place emphasis on different priorities in our life, so this is a really good month for you guys to discuss what is most concerning or pressing in both of your minds, and then to find ways of addressing this in a systematic and methodical way.

It’s really important for you to have your thinking caps on now, nothing happens by chance, a lot of planning is needed. Don’t leave things to fate, it really is a wonderful time for you to get control over your lives and to just steer them in a direction that’ll make you both happier.

Theme of the month: Key to restoring balance and harmony is for both Cancer guy and his partner making a concerted effort to understand each other’s point of view and be more appreciative of each other.

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 14th of September to the 29th of September, this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

This phase is great for short trips away and internet dating are successful. Good for romantic communication. Excellent for social activities and dating. Creative writing is successful. Good for website and marketing.

Good for his new career directions and job interviews or promotion.

Avoid: The waxing phase is not a great for highly competitive activities and public events. It’s not suitable for a totally new venture. It’s not ideal for leadership and decisiveness.

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Week 1 – Words Don’t Come Easily

Emotional support is a key factor in the health of relationships right now, he and his partner must appreciate what each other brings to the relationship, and the more you both value each other’s input to the relationship, and you express that sincerely, the more successful the relationship will be.

The words ‘I’m sorry’ are vital in relationships. Treading on each other’s toes is inevitable, but continuing bad feeling or conflict is always a choice. So make the choice to apologize and move things on.

Week 2 – Thinking Big

This week is one of the most optimistic and excitable weeks for Leo Guy, but sometimes he gets a little bit ahead of himself and he’s inclined to act without thinking. Sometimes this week he promises more than he can deliver, so do be cautious when he’s jumping in the deep end and maintain a healthy skepticism about some of his promises and his big ideas.

Remember to be warm and effusive because this is a time when he is ready to have some fun and your sexual life can certainly be more rewarding. However, like I say, what comes up must go down, so sometimes this week is a little bit of a bubble that’s got to burst, so enjoy it while it lasts, but remember that there has to be a bit of a balancing out.

Due to the exuberant energies this week, do be cautious with impulsive spending as this can be a little bit of a reckless time for money, however it is a good time to socialize, have fun and have a little bit of a breather, so try not to saddle yourself with too many responsibilities this week.

Week 3 – What is Essential Is Invisible to the Eye

This week is all about understanding what is going on at a deeper emotional level in the relationship, sometimes you have to be a little bit of a relationship detective, you have to be on the lookout for the things that he is doing rather than what he’s saying. Often what is important is invisible in terms of the communication process and he can be a little bit evasive, so this is a test of how deep the relationship is and how strong your relationship antenna is.

This can be quite a confusing, baffling or even disconcerting week for you if you’re dating Leo Guy because some of his behavior is rather bizarre and he may exaggerate his feelings and emotions. You can wonder what’s real or what’s not, but if you’ve known each other for a long time you may find it easier to recognize what’s going on and you can react appropriately.

It’s always important to be compassionate, but at the same time you don’t want to be sucked into his toxicity, so keep a healthy emotional distance where you can offer support without being overwhelmed by him emotionally.

Week 4 – It’s a Rush Being With Him

The last week of the month is heavily based on getting things done, there’s an emphasis on communication and local travel.

With Mars in Libra and the Sun going into Libra there’s a surge in activity, you guys may feel quite rushed, there’s a nervous tension and he could be a little bit highly strung.

However, there’s a great desire to pursue new activities engage more with other people at his work and there can be lots of new opportunities. It’s certainly a week where you have to be versatile and stay on your feet, things change very quickly and an open mind is required.

It’s quite an opportunity rich time, so this is one of those months where you are likely to explore different avenues, take on board information, seek out advice and generally come to some new some new conclusions and different arrangements to improve day to day life.

In Closing

This is an excellent time for working on your relationship, for redressing any imbalance and for understanding each other at a deeper level. It’s important for you guys to be honest, but also to be patient, because some of the important emotional matters are deeply buried and will take time to bubble up to the surface.

Remember to show Leo guy compassion, but also to keep your boundaries, because he can be a little bit emotionally erratic and you need to keep a sense of perspective and to steady your own ship.

This can be a great time for your fantasy life, for romance and renewed affection but the month ends off being quite busy so get all the fun in upfront.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Leo Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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