Leo Man Predictions For May 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly April predictions for your Leo man. What will his mood be for the spring season? Read on and discover.

Hello Sweetheart and welcome to the May reading.

I do hope that you are your Leo Man were able to work on many of the themes and advice that we gave you for April. May is a whole new story and is set be an exciting month because the planets are incredibly busy in the heavens, and there are lots of energies at play.

For Leo guy, there’s a great energy and the motivation to make changes in his life. Some of his behavior will be a little bit unpredictable, and he is certainly willing to jump on any new ideas, in fact, he’s itching for challenges and to set sail for a new destination.

This month could be a very important time in solidifying relationships. Companionship and teamwork are very important to him, and he’s more likely to want to enter into long-term arrangements, move in with someone or team up in some way. If you and Leo guy are already married, maybe this is the time when he’ll be looking for a new business partner with whom he feels he can click.

Without a partner right now, he feels like something is missing, so the relationship sector of his life is particularly relevant and vital to his well-being.

Venus enters Cancer Trine Saturn (8th May)

This particular transit brings out the romantic in Leo Guy. Leo is sentimental and has a soft heart, he’s very good at putting on a brave face, he likes to be the positive person and the entertainer who lifts everyone’s spirits, and often he puts a mask on to hide the possible hurt inside. However, it’s really important this month for him to be able to express his more sensitive and vulnerable side, and so it’s essential to have some downtime away from the children and other family members, where he feels he can just say what’s in his heart without the pretense.

Sun Conjunct Uranus in Taurus (9th of May)

Now, this particular conjunction is creating a great impetus for change, it’s bringing about surprises and it’s challenging the perceptions of all star signs, as well as encouraging all of us to get out of comfort zones. However, for Leo guy there can be a particularly strong focus on his career, and while there may be ups and downs, every problem has a solution, and in finding solutions he is going to undertake a journey that is going to lead to very important discoveries about his true life purpose.

Mercury direct Sextile Saturn (15th May)

Mercury turning direct in Taurus is excellent, as important correspondence and communications to do with career or career prospects can come through for him. It’s more likely that he will have success when he submits a job application, and if there are any plans you have been making for your immediate future, they can come off the back burner and proceed. The tension and delay or anxiety caused by Mercury retrograde, with respect to communicating with people in authority, or waiting for information, is now being alleviated and there should be more clarity, and as far as your route ahead, the fog is lifting.

As Mercury is sextile Saturn, there’s an indication that this is a good time for you and Leo guy to sort out the finances which you share. So if you run a business together, have a mortgage together or simply share a bank account, this is an excellent time to streamline and simplify your financial affairs for the purposes of clarity and fewer arguments.

This is a good time to document and organize your affairs to make sure you’re not wasting money and time unnecessarily. So consolidate your debt, resolve to pay off debt or create some money-saving schedules that will help you achieve savings and reduced debt. Cancel any unnecessary subscriptions.

Jupiter enters Taurus (17th May)

Now, this is a really exciting transit for Leo Guy because it represents healing and the power of positive thinking and being very proactive in his life. It’s very important for him to project in a way that is just and fair, because right now, the powers that be are watching him closely and what he does counts more than usual. It may be necessary for you as a couple to attend more of his work events, simply because he’s becoming more prominent and it’s more important for him to be seen at the right place and the right time, meeting important people.

Treat your love affair life a movie romance, don’t get bogged down in boring details, make sure that you are injecting the relationship with lots of magic by being affectionate, by complimenting each other, by gifting each other and surprising each other.

Right now in love, Leo guy gets bored pretty quickly, so you need to wow him! So anything that’s very predictable, jaded or clichéd is going to fall flat and turn him off. So make sure what you do has the X factor or the element of surprise, and show that you’ve thought of something unique to do to enhance your relationship rather than something that’s pretty parochial.

Mars in Leo Square Jupiter (21st May)

This represents a very restless time for Leo guy, he’s got itchy feet, he’s very impatient with routine and restrictions.

It’s a marvelous time for him to take off on a short break or work on a project that’s very creative, so this isn’t a great time to nag him about fixing the faucet or tidying out the yard, it’s probably a better time to allow yourselves a bit of a downtime as a couple to organize some activities away from the home, or to go out more with friends.

It’s possible that during this phase he might want to be alone, just to blow off some steam, and it’s actually a good idea for him to take to the gym for some hard training. So if he is spending a little bit more time at the gym or the golf course during this phase, he simply needs to get away from it all, but while doing something energetic. No need to worry about it.

Theme of the month: The themes in May are getting the ball rolling, daring to think, big jumping into things and welcoming new experiences. He should be eager to learn, pioneering and ready to adopt a fresh attitude that allows him to embrace all different possibilities in life and love. Love should be creative, imaginative and unrestricted as it’s time to let yourselves really explore through free expression in love.

Magic Phrase: “Nothing ventured nothing gained.”

Magic Text: “I’m going to rescue you from your past and make our future better than we’ve ever imagined.”

Do: Do be spontaneous and throw out the rulebook in love, use your romantic charms and imagination to surprise him and add magic to the relationship by being thoughtful in a sexual and charismatic way, you can really take the relationship into a more dynamic and happy phase.

Avoid: This is not a good time to rub authority up the wrong way, he should be careful to be diplomatic and pragmatic in his career and he should respect procedure.

Communication in relationships should be loving and supportive or open minded because Leo guy needs guidance but also some leeway so that he’s free to use the potential of this month to open himself to change, even if it’s daunting.

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Week One – His heart must lead the way

If Leo guy has had problems with his parents, these are quite likely to flare up right now, and he may need your love and support as he charts his own course, and possibly has to do so without the support of his folks, who may not quite approve.

Right now, it’s all about him being himself and taking charge of his life in a way that is liberating and exciting, but this will inevitably involve upsetting people, whether it be employees, parents or superiors, who are counting on him to carry on as he has in the past, whether it’s good for him or not.

So whatever Leo guy has been doing up until now, this is the start of a period where he will really begin to understand what was meant for him, and the planets might give him a little nudge in that direction. If he has been pursuing some directions that we’re not true to himself, he’s more likely to experience problems, so it’s important for you to encourage him to see that there are many different alternatives that he possibly hasn’t considered, and there is a better way forward.

If you, as his partner, have felt that he’s been banging his head against a brick wall and getting nowhere, he’ll suddenly come to that realization too, and you can both thankfully move forward.

Week Two – When the going gets tough Leo Man gets going

There’s a lot going on right now, and yes, he’s putting on a brave face, but he does have some anxieties, however, these can be smoothed over through him receiving a little bit of affection and support. It’s not that he needs to cry his heart out; he just needs that little bit of extra intimate support and encouragement from someone who knows and cares for him most, and who means it sincerely. Sincerity is everything.

Week Three – Be his cheerleader

What he needs right now is a loyal supporter in his corner, let him have his moment, and let him know you admire him and respect what he is achieving. It’s highly likely that he will get some recognition, either this month or the next, but he is certainly on a good track in his career, and this should help bring more stability to the family as it will help relieve a lot of the stresses he’s been under, and therefore this is a very welcome transit for your relationship.

Leo guy has a stronger sense of morality and integrity right now, he’s more aware that his actions have consequences, and therefore, he can take a slightly different approach to his work or to other people than he has in the past. He’s a little opinionated, and you need to keep his feet on the ground and remind him that he doesn’t have all the answers yet.

This is also a time when new romance is very much favored. Leo guys love life and they like their romances to be a little bit special and quite flamboyant, so if you meet Leo or you are dating Leo, remember to think big, be spontaneous and be bright.

Week Four – Recharge and Reset

The month does end on a slightly downbeat note; this is because there’s been a lot of action, a lot to contend with and a lot of novelty, and at the end of the month, he may need to take a step back, have extra rest, eat some really nutritious food and replenish himself. So this is a time for him recharging his batteries and reassessing exactly what’s been achieved and what’s coming up.

He should contemplate some new strategies using what he’s recently discovered. It’s very important for him to understand what he’s learned, and he may want to talk things through with you, so it’s essential for you to encourage him along the lines of reinforcing what he got right and has achieved and to commiserate with him about the failings.

Encourage him to learn from mistakes but not to obsess over them, as with your help, he’ll be able to get a better understanding of how far he’s come, but without being deluded that he is all the way there yet. So he needs support but a little bit of tough love and sensible advice too.

In Closing

This is a time when he is no longer looking for excuses, the past is in the past, and he is ready to embrace a different sort of future. Thus he may be beginning to rethink his destiny, and there can be some real adjustments to his compass in terms of what he really wants from life.

The last few years have given him pause for thought, and now he’s ready for a slightly different trajectory, and a lot of that will start taking shape this month.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Leo Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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