Leo Man Predictions For July 2023

Monthly June predictions for your Leo man. What will his mood be for the spring season? Read on and discover.

Hello Sweethearts, it’s July, and this is quite an interesting month in terms of Leo Guy because of the position of Venus and the triggering of many planets in his tenth house. So let’s get going!

I do hope that this reading will help you to continue a successful relationship with Leo Guy and whether you are married or dating, don’t forget that we also have yearly guides for each man’s Star sign and this can also be helpful.

So one of the important themes is that this month Venus, which is currently in Leo. will turn retrograde, so Venus is spending a long time in his sign allowing an opportunity for love to grow deeper, more meaningful and more cooperative through conflict, sharing and pushing at boundaries.

This guide will help you understand his moves, his moods, his motivations and the themes that will be affecting your relationship this month, July can be quite important in terms of the deeper aspects of the relationship.

Mars Enters Virgo on July 11th

In marriage, you and Leo Guy must put your egos on the shelf and take a step back and put emotion aside in favor of getting things done. You guys have to tackle problems that were not dealt with before, and do not assume these need to be big problems, they are often small problems, even trivial ones, and yet they are having a bigger impact on your relationship than you think, and so do not discount the power of a small gripe to turn into a big sticking point.

In marriage, you both have to be very clear about agreements, as tacit agreements may not be clear to both of you. Discuss everything more openly and be clear about your respective needs and intentions.

Mercury enters Leo on July 12th

He tends to go with his head in love during this period, to set emotion and sentimentality aside and to be objective. If he is rather maudlin or heart on sleeve, then be cautious, as he’s not necessarily going to make good decisions in this frame of mind.

He can suddenly get cold feet in new relationships, and so relationships can be stop-start. In relationships in general, he may suddenly need a bit more space, or he could demand an injection of excitement with new social activities, however, you could feel as if you aren’t his priority as he’s eager to treat life like a pick-n-mix where he’s looking for variety and change.

Work on your banter, be humorous and challenge him mentally rather than trying to work on affection this month.

New Moon in Cancer on the 17th July

This New Moon is associated with introspection, contemplation, and a sense of dissatisfaction.

The theme of Venus Retrograde in Leo and New Moon in Cancer revolves around the idea of being disenchanted or in some way dissatisfied with his current situation. Recent mistakes and a sense of guilt haunts him, but he’s unlikely to speak to you directly about this.

He may be feeling more apathetic or bored; he’s possibly longing for something more fulfilling or meaningful. He may be a little preoccupied with his discontentment, and he may fail to recognize or appreciate new opportunities presenting.

It’s important to be gentle with him and to recognize his emotional state and his changing attitudes towards life. There are unexplored possibilities or gifts that are being overlooked by both of you due to a lack of motivation or a focus on what is perceived as lacking rather than on your abundance.

The New Moon encourages him to step back and reevaluate his circumstances, seeking a fresh perspective and not neglecting to exhibit gratitude for the present moment.

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Venus Retrograde in Leo from the 23rd of July

Leo Guy is questioning former beliefs and looking for new ways to make sense of his life, which may lead to him exploring new age topics, obscure philosophies or finding meaning via culture. He will also question his former beliefs about himself, his friends and the society he lives in, and he almost takes a step back and looks at himself from afar, getting a new view on it all.

A trip away may be what suddenly sets in motion a dissatisfaction about his current place in the world. What he once thought was acceptable is no longer so. He will reassess his position, but this can often lead to many arguments as he will have to defend his new ideas to others, even to you, who may be wondering what side of the bed he has woken up on.

His changes in outlook can often be disconcerting for those who are close to him, and you may all think it a midlife crisis, but it’s really the effect of Leo retrograde, the new moon and Uranus and Jupiter in his tenth. He can be a little ‘do or die’ this month and you have to watch out for him making some drastic decisions, although they could well pay off.

Theme of the month: July represents a need for introspection or a period of withdrawal and compromise. It’s important for him to be contrite and receptive to change without being defeatist or deflated. It suggests a time for self-reflection, meditation, and exploring his vibrant inner world. By taking a break from external distractions, he can gain clarity, renew his sense of purpose, and discover new insights.

Magic Phrase: “Everything always works out for the best, let’s have faith.”

Magic Text:  “There’s no one I’d rather make this journey with than you.”

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 17th of July to the 30th of July, this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

This is an excellent time for new investment, financial planning and analysis. A good time to make major purchases for his business. This period suits growing stability in relationships.

Avoid: The waxing phase is not a great time for competitive activities, events requiring physical stamina and brand new experiences. It’s not a good time for him to do something he’s a complete novice at.

This is not an ideal time for medical matters, new diets or joining a gym. Recruitment and outsourcing aren’t favored. This is not a good time for you guys getting a new pet.

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Week One – Restlessness

Unexpected events may occur during this week, especially in his career and his encounters with people. Relationships may move in a totally new direction, and some may suddenly reach a crossroads; much depends on how confining they seem when it comes to the bigger picture.

Restlessness can reach a peak now, and freedom, or the lack of it, is sometimes an issue. This period can significantly change the way you guys relate.

In romance and dating, he thrives with someone who is very different from anyone he’s met or known before and who can challenge and awaken different aspects of himself. The more he holds onto things too tightly, the more he may find this time unsettling as unforeseen events occasionally can disturb the balance that he’s trying to maintain.

This week should help you guys to see the benefit of adjusting when something is not working to your advantage. One lesson here is to continue to try different approaches when you hit a dead-end.

Week Two – Tying Up Loose Ends

This is potentially a very transformative time in your relationship, it’s an opportunity to have a reset and to restart as you mean to go forward by sweeping away things that are worn out and no longer relevant. It’s important to focus on the future, and this should be a time of achieving closure, so for you and Leo guy, it may be time to look at things from the past that need to be finalized or put to bed. So it can be a month where it’s quite vital to tie up loose ends with Leo guy.

The tying up of loose ends could also apply to money, so it may be important to develop strategies to pay down debt or to consolidate debt so you can move to a more flexible way of living.

Week Three – Delusion

His relationships can be a little Shakespearean in that it’s a kaleidoscope of emotions and even some farce or confusion, however, he risks getting his heart broken or leading you up the garden path because maybe he is ignoring the reality of his life. He’s going to be tripped up by events if he’s been deluding himself with false premises in his relationship.

He likes a challenge in love and he enjoys a chase, but he also likes it when the relationship has a degree of separation so that it cannot become immediately physically close, which is excellent for long distance relationships. Routine and a regular physical relationship developing can make the romance less exciting.

Week Four – Subconscious

The activation of Pluto on his descendant indicates a time of emotional upheaval, intense self-reflection, and the potential for profound personal and psychological transformation.

He may project his own unresolved emotional complexities, and this creates tension and polarity between you guys – you may feel he’s forcing you into a certain position or that you have to become devil’s advocate to create balance.

This week often brings buried emotions and subconscious patterns to the surface, demanding your attention and urging you guys to confront deep-seated fears, traumas, and unresolved emotional issues. This week acts as a catalyst for emotional transformation, pushing you both to explore the depths of your psyche and to release emotional patterns that no longer serve your growth as a couple.

In Closing

This month is associated with endings, closure, and releasing what no longer serves you guys in your relationship. When combined with the New Moon’s energy, this month signifies a potent period for letting go of old patterns, emotional baggage, and past experiences that hinder understanding and better communication.

It is a time to confront unresolved issues, heal deep-seated wounds, and embrace some space for you both to contemplate.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Leo Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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