Leo Man Predictions For April 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly April predictions for your Leo man. What will his mood be for the spring season? Read on and discover.

Hello Ladies, how was March? Are you ready for spring and a fresh look at Leo man and the potential of the month ahead?

This is set to be a great month in terms of a sense of excitement, fresh opportunities and brainstorming.

Now while Leo is a fixed sign and he enjoys a certain amount of continuity in his life, he’s also a fire sign who craves a sense of adventure and enjoys a little bit of risk-taking. So April is an excellent month to get the adrenaline going in your relationship and to really challenge yourselves and aim higher than before.

I’m really confident that fire and air signs married to Leo will thrive and enjoy April, but it’s great all round.

Sun Eclipse in Aries 20th April

An eclipse is happening in the final degrees of Aries, which means that it’s activating his midheaven, and this is particularly exciting for his career, as things may be about to pop. Thus, even if his life had felt fairly stagnant and as if not much was happening, this month could totally change the trajectory.

In fact, it’s highly likely the events this month will lead to serendipitous meetings with new people, contact with potential employers and finding a whole new exciting direction in life. So, he’ll soon be on the way up.

There’s certainly a sense of change in the air and a desire to achieve more. He’s more in touch with his ambitious side, and because Leo are outgoing people who like to lead, this is definitely the direction that he should be looking towards.

So implore him not to hide his light under the bushel, this is his time to shine and there are good implications for you as his partner.

Sun Conjunct Jupiter in Aries 12th April

There’s a strong emphasis this month on optimism and building up a head of steam, but it’s also important for him to gather information. So right now, don’t think small as a couple, it’s about seeing the bigger picture, understanding the full potential and not getting bogged down in details.

April is certainly not a month when you guys should be fretting about the finer points or strategy, it’s a month to jump in the deep end and start swimming.

You learn fastest by doing, and so you don’t want to be hanging around on the periphery, dipping your toe in the water, rather immerse yourselves fully in new activities and embark on a steep learning curve as this is the way to have a lot of fun while learning a lot at the same time and enjoying the new direction he’s going in.

Venus enters Gemini Square Saturn on April 14th

You should be very cautious in a sexual relationship with Leo guy if he’s a friend, this is not a good time for ‘friends with benefits’ arrangements and it’s not a good time to make an advance or get carried away at a party with a Leo guy who has been a good friend or even a colleague.

You definitely don’t want to be mixing business and pleasure, and it’s quite important to keep your work life, your romantic life and your friendship with Leo guy separate, otherwise things can easily become contaminated and very complicated.

This is not an ideal month for him to be trying crowdfunding or social media driven marketing or fundraising. If you guys do need extra money, it’s best to take a traditional route, as the more modern methods for example: donations; crypto; subscriptions or sales online are less reliable.

Theme of the Month – It’s time for the turnaround

If you guys had been feeling like everything was against you, this is a time when you and Leo man will have a renewed faith in life and people, and you will find it easier to get the support you crave from family and friends. Others are more likely to rally around you, especially when you follow your true potential and are assertive as a couple. Things are turning and it’s a spiritual spring time.

Magic Phrase : “You are at your best when you grab the baton and lead the way, others always respond to your sunny outlook.”

Magic Text : “I will always do my best to preserve the beauty of our relationship.”

Do: This is a good time for you guys to be joining a gym and for new diet and lifestyle changes aimed at increasing your energy and getting into a more active phase as well as having more fresh air and outdoor experiences together.

Avoid: It’s best for him to make his your career moves, job applications or conduct any job interviews before the 21st. Any public speaking engagements or communication with the general public should be concluded before the 21st as should business travel as these are not ideal after the 21st.

Don’t let him borrow money from or lend to friends.

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Week One – New Love Crisis

New relationships are totally possible this week, but they will not stem from his current friendship circles. A fresh romance will be with someone he has never met before, the relationship could be quite bohemian and it could start with some crossed wires and even some hard feelings.

So you may not hit it off brilliantly with Leo guy, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a spark that can grow. In fact it’s highly likely that because of the strong chemistry you have with Leo guy, things are not going to go smoothly, because the course of true love never does.

Week Two – Spiritual Life

While this is an excellent time for Leo guy to be very active in career, in marketing himself, and being very public about his ideas and entering new situations where he can learn new skills and acquire new knowledge, for some Leo guys, it may be a good time to choose a more spiritual direction.

You guys may want to take a total break starting this week to go on a sabbatical, a long trip or to spend some time on a retreat. This is also an excellent time to gain perspective on your prospective new life direction, as not everyone wants their new life direction to involve greater responsibility or power.

It’s quite ok to be looking for greater fulfilment, more harmony in your lives and greater personal awareness, and therefore this month is absolutely ideal for self-improvement goals that are not connected to your workplaces or the rat race.

This week Leo guys are really able to enjoy their own company, so it’s hard to nab a single Leo guy. It’s quite possible that his regular friendship circles, cliques and professional colleagues are a little bit annoying, he may feel that they no longer really reflect his values and he may just enjoy taking off on his own.

This can be a great time for adventures outdoors, long road trips or perhaps sports that involve a lot of adrenaline where you and Leo guy can simply get in touch with an adventurous side of yourselves. You both need a release in relationships as well, you need to release the pressure.

Therefore this time alone, when you both engage in activities that require a lot of concentration (because they involve speed perhaps) really allows you to switch off from the mundane reality of life and feel the joy of being alive.

Who’s the Boss?

This week has excellent potential for forging a new path in his career and finding different opportunities which are more fulfilling. However, a certain amount of patience is required, as there are certain hoops to go through. So while he’s quite confident and little bit impatient, it is important to remind him carefully follow any required steps or application processes.

Discourage him from jumping the queue or jumping the gun, make sure that he dots the i’s eyes and crosses the t’s when it comes to important paperwork.

While it’s important for him to show that he’s innovative and has fantastic new ideas, it’s also important that he shows that he understand the rules and regulations and also the laws or norms. Remind him that creativity and rebellion are different things.

Week Three – Love and Marriage

This week there’s quite a pressure cooker in relationships; tensions may have been building for a few reasons. There may have been issues that you guys have neglected to talk about, you may both be working very hard and have a lot on your plate, and sometimes things have to reach a certain fever pitch in order for you both to notice and address issues which are becoming critical.

So this week, in relationships, things can come to a head, but in a way it can be quite a relief to deal with them and have that important conversation. So part of this week is not brushing things under the carpet, but being able to acknowledge (with Leo guy) when you are both ready to say enough is enough, and to have time out, but with the full intention of coming together later for a long discussion to iron things out.

Week Four – Tenterhooks

This particular aspect which happens in week 4 can create anxiety and self-doubt, so it’s not at all unusual in the last week of April for Leo guy to feel a little bit overwhelmed, self-critical or to want a little bit of a break.

In fact, while the month is action-packed, it’s quite advisable for him to spend the last week in a more relaxed, contemplative mode, where he kicks back and assesses everything that’s happened and allows his emotions to settle down. During this phase, he really needs your advice and support.

One of the challenges this week is that his emotions tend to be quite volatile, he’s impatient, and sometimes this can lead to anger or frustration.

So it’s very important for you to know when he’s reaching the end of his tether, and when something is getting to him, and you need to walk away and have some space away from him while he cools off.

He’s generally in a very positive frame of mind, and he can bounce back quickly from upsets or disappointments, as long as you can encourage him to know when to breathe and count to ten, to provide himself with a bit of perspective, and so he doesn’t remain in fight mode. Remember, the key to his well-being this month is a balance of flight and fight.

So, how does that all sound my Darlings. Remember, I’m always here to guide and support you.

I’m very optimistic that April is going to be a great month that will help you and Leo guy to establish fresh opportunities and a brand new outlook on life. It’s also a good one for a new relationship with a Leo guy as well as for the renewal of existing relationships, setting them onto a more harmonious path after some debate and discussion.

If this hasn’t quenched your thirst, you know where to find me, same place, as always.

Wishing you love and luck with your Leo Man,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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