Leo Man Horoscope For November 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
Monthly November predictions for your Leo man. Things to know about your Leo man this month and how to help him in his journey.

Hello Sweethearts and welcome to the new month, here is your November reading for Leo Man and it’s going to be quite an emotional, potentially romantic and also a good month for communication.

In fact, Leo Man should be devoting more time to family life and to important events and celebrations of a family nature.

However, if you are dating Leo Man there should also be some surprises in store as he is in quite a spontaneous mood, however he is wearing his heart on his sleeve as Leos often do, so there’s a little bit of sensitivity going on and so it’s important to be cognizant of his triggers and be sympathetic.

Sometimes what he is looking for, is a supportive woman’s voice in his life to help him navigate. There are some potential hurdles that he’s facing in his career and he likes to retreat with his nearest and dearest.

If you are dating Leo guy but you have previously been his best friend and you know each other very well, you are in pole position for love this month.

I would like to remind you that we soon have our yearly series coming out and this is absolutely packed with information for Leo Man’s year ahead so please keep a look out for it because we proud to be publishing this content rich, pragmatic and esoteric guide in the coming weeks.

As you know I always aim to give you the most comprehensive advice astrologically so that you feel well prepared for the month ahead.

With that said, let’s get going.

Mercury enters Sagittarius – 11th November

Sagittarius represents Leo Man’s solar fifth house of romance, so this is really an ideal time of year for romantic activities, improving your relationship and increasing the amount of affection. Now while Mercury entering Sagittarius is a lot about having fun and the communication side of the relationship, Venus is more about the sensual side of a relationship, so if you are just getting to know Leo Man or are recently dating, this is a great time to find out what his likes are sexually and what stimulates him.

Now this can be anything from what he likes you to wear, fragrances, music etc. to the more private things that he likes to get up to, so it can be a wonderful time to explore and understand what really makes him tick and turns him on.

If you’re married, this is a perfect month for having a few date nights and taking time off to do activities that are fun before things get really hectic in November and December.

New Moon in Scorpio – 13th November

The New Moon is happening in his solar fourth house, so this activates a rather contemplative, reflective side of him, so there may be times this month when he need a little bit of space just to reflect on recent events and to get some closure.

So while the New Moon usually entails a lot of action, new beginnings, new projects and it’s a great time for initiating, in the case of Leo Man, it might be a time when working on closure, increased emotional understanding within his close circles and consolidating.

Sometimes the best thing we can do in life is double down on the things that are most important and this secure the foundations of our lives and that’s certainly a good thing for Leo Man right now.

So this can be a great time for you and Leo Man to think about what do you need to do to secure your families future or to just feel safe. So a big part of love right now is the feeling of comfort and safety that is generated through the family, and this comes through creating more harmony in the family arena or in your family networks and better communication, and it can also come through doing things to secure your financial future particularly when it comes to property investment.

Sun Conjunct Mars in Scorpio – 18th October

This is a highly energizing placement, it can definitely help Leo Man with healing and with improved self-confidence, but this is not necessarily a hugely outgoing placement simply because it’s happening in Scorpio.

So this can be a time when you as a couple can focus on entertaining within your home, restoring your home, helping family members, decorating and things like that. This can also be a time for discussions which enable you to move matters forward, it’s very important to deal with any recent arguments and address lingering anger and definitely put a line under it.

If you are dating Leo Man, this is a good time for learning more about his family, his family history, getting to meet his family and it’s really important that you take an interest in his family members and their lives, because part of getting closer to him right now is understanding his roots, where he comes from, what has shaped him and what are the most important influences in his life. So take an interest in him and inspire him to talk about those subjects.

In terms of ongoing relationships, this is certainly a time when some of the less conspicuous aspects of your life that are very private can be approached with some degree of confidence, so no matter what has gone before, even if there are old wounds, certainly take a proactive and optimistic approach that those can be healed, because this is a time to seal rifts and to mend your relationship by digging a little bit into the past and reflecting.

Mars enters Sagittarius – 25th November

In terms of new relationships, this period is particularly good for chemistry and sexual relationships, so if you are meeting Leo Man this month, or if you have recently been dating, it’s highly likely that the sexual and affectionate side of the relationship is hotting up, and if you want to know if the relationship will go well, a clue is if there’s good chemistry and he’s really into you.

In terms of being married to Leo Man, this is a good time to stimulate him visually and by becoming a little bit more physically attentive to him. It’s important to boost his ego, to give him compliments about his looks and to just show that you are really noticing when he is looking good. Another way to complement and encourage him, whether you are dating or married, is to give him a lot of positive feedback on his sports ability or the success he is having in the gym, or to just encourage him to be more physically active.

This is really a good time for sports pursuits, so whether he’s into sports or hasn’t really been physically active for a while, it’s a great time to encourage him to get a little bit revved up physically.

Themes of the Month

The theme this month is definitely the balance between his public and private life, home life versus career. There can be challenges and some exciting new territory that he needs to approach in terms of moving forward with his life, and there’s often a push-pull, a certain reticence to move forward and a desire to cling to things from the past.

However, it’s quite an important time for him to know what he needs to let go of as he can’t have negativity from the past lurking around holding him back like a handbrake. Alternatively, he must differentiate what he does have to carry forward, in a positive way, from his past.

So the future beckons, but the past still requires some resolution.

Do: The new moon phase extends from the 13th of November to the 27th of November, this waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective and being proactive.

Personal financial analysis and investment is successful. A good time for investment in jewelry and metals. Success with money is likely.

Career and business expansion goals are successful, but leadership or entrepreneurship is not necessarily favored.

Avoid: The waxing phase is not a great time for marriage, engagement or solidifying a relationship. Negotiation and new business partnerships aren’t favored.

Brand new activities and risky ventures aren’t successful. It’s not a good waxing period for extreme sports or very physically demanding work. Performance and musical pursuits aren’t successful.

This isn’t a great time for retreats or humanitarian aims.

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Week 1 – A picture is worth a thousand words

This is a rather good week for romantic communication and it favors those of you who are internet dating or in long-distance relationships, however, it’s also fantastic if you happen to be creative and are really good with music, poetry and words because you can use your skills to really awaken that sentimental side of him.

Now we know that Leo’s are highly emotional and theatrical and enjoy grand themes, so the way to reach him is through creativity, he loves to be inspired by themes that are larger than life but which are also relevant to his life. So think about scenes in movies, famous poetry and try to encapsulate what you need to say to him by using these, or perhaps even art if you prefer.

Sun which is in Scorpio is opposite Jupiter, which is in his tenth solar house of career, and that means, if you’re in a relationship, he actually needs a lot of support. Yes he’s quite competitive and there are new opportunities, but somehow he’s unsure, he feels a great degree of uncertainty, so he has a strange mixture of excitement and anxiety and he needs to know you’re there for him.

This it’s an important time to give him an ego boost and let him know that you believe in him and you think he should reach for the stars.

Week 2 – Action Man

Now this is a tricky week in all relationships with Leo Man, he’s very strong-willed, self-directed, but often he is swayed by emotions, he can overreact to certain things and is likely to get the cart before the horse. So what’s important when dealing with him is being quite clear in your communication, showing him compassion but also knowing when to show him some boundaries.

This is certainly a time when he may be a little bit more disrespectful and self-centered as if the world revolves around him, and you need to say ‘enough is enough’ and let him know that your life also counts, and you also have a life to lead, because sometimes he’s very wrapped up in himself.

As he’s very restless, he easily becomes emotional and is sometimes quite hot-headed, so this is maybe not the tight right time for a cozy romance, but if there are things you need to tackle as a couple, all well and good.

A good week for action-packed dates or challenging each other to do new things and embrace adventure.

Week 3 – Looking at the flip side

This week you sometimes have to play devil’s advocate, it’s important for you to balance his emotions out, be objective, and help him to see the opposite side of the argument. It’s important right now not to argue every point with him as sometimes he’s just looking to be contrary or to push your buttons, so it’s a balance of showing him support and being there for him, but also being able to show him the flip side.

This is actually a very good time for dating because you can learn an awful lot about each other, he’s far more likely to be impulsive and not to self-censor, so his impulsivity gives you a window into his soul. So be very conscious, because you will learn a lot.

However in all relationships with Leo Man, ego conflicts arise because the pressure of circumstances will draw you closer to each other, but at the same time there can also be friction, simply because of his contrary nature. Take heart however as this is a great time to get any problems out in the open, be totally straightforward and then you can work through whatever comes out of a conflict.

Week 4 – Focus and Determination

Now this week, you and Leo Man need to be careful with money, it’s important to be conservative, to check your facts, and to keep your heads screwed on the right way. There are no particular problems, however, conservatism is definitely the way to go as this is not a good time to take on debt or enter expensive projects that require a big down payment.

This is also not a good time to get into any new financial situation that could actually create more responsibility and weigh you down, restricting you in the future.

The Sun square Saturn means he could feel a little bit down on his luck, there could be a few things that don’t quite go his way and it’s important for him to realize that these are simply temporary issues that have to be handled.

Even if the current week seems a bit depressing and rather restrictive, he should just knuckle down and focus, because this is the best way to deal with the circumstances. This is not the best time to be dealing with either of your parents, so try and give them a wide birth because they can be discouraging and unhelpful.

This can be a great time for the fantasy side of your love relationship, so if you are able to find moments of escapism where you can really chill, then it’s a great time for movies, music and allowing yourselves to drift off into another world.

In Closing

This can be a great month for refocusing on family values and for celebrating what is best in your private lives. It’s also a time for consolidation and renewal of joint purpose, so this is a wonderful time for bonding and renewed emotional awareness in relationships.

If you are dating Leo Man, this can be an interesting time of strong communication, getting to know more about the intimate aspects of his life and also seeing a little bit of his temper when he gets animated, particularly in week three.

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