Leo Man Horoscope For February 2024

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
February 2024 horoscope for your Leo man. Check out the monthly predictions for 2024! How is February going to treat your Leo man?

Hello Sweethearts, Happy New Year, and a warm welcome to the February horoscope for a Leo man.

2024 is set to be a really exciting year for all star signs, full of potential, opportunity, new ventures, and sudden events that’ll take life in a different direction.

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But without further ado, let’s have a look at February, which is an action-packed month with all the planets changing signs, including Pluto.

Keep reading for a Leo man’s February monthly horoscope:

Here’s what the stars have in store for a Leo Man this February…

Now we have a really interesting planetary alignment happening, and that is the stellium in Aquarius. So this month we have all the personal planners in Aquarius along with a New Moon in Aquarius, and these planets will all be triggering Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus.

Now this gives rise to a really rebellious energy, so expect some surprises because the signs of Taurus and Aquarius are both fixed signs, and both are connected with society and Taurus with money, it’s definitely a time of opportunity but also surprise events financially.

So what is key to know this month is to be aware of anything on the periphery, keep an open mind, adopt an expansive attitude as this is an awesome time for you and Leo Man to grab opportunities, to think big, and review your life with a new perspective.

The energy is all about creative change, new ideas to create and promote prosperity, and also exciting ways to renew passion and reinvigorate the affectionate side of your relationship.

Mercury enters Aquarius – 6th of February

Now usually Mercury entering Aquarius, which represents the house of marriage and committed relationships for Leo Man, would be really great for improving communication and ongoing discussions as a couple, however this month it goes into Aquarius conjunct Pluto and then squares Jupiter and this can really complicate matters.

It can make him more arrogant and it can also make him more egocentric when it comes to voicing his opinions. So sometimes you have to be careful that he is not being a little bit domineering or excessively stubborn, so communication has to be to undertaken very subtly and carefully and by acknowledging his psychology.

However if you observe carefully how he’s communicating, you can actually get quite an insight into things that he may not suggest that directly but which are obvious from the way he communicates.

Mars enters Aquarius – 14th February

Mars enters Aquarius and immediately conjuncts Pluto bringing about an explosive time for relationships, during this phase you have to tread really carefully because things can erupt. It’s a time when emotions are heightened, tempers can flare and things can get quite irrational, so be careful of roller coaster situations.

If you are recently dating Leo Man this transit can give rise to a stormy, roller coaster ride and it’s important not to get sucked into drama, rather to maintain balance and to step away if things get to fever pitch.

This may be a time when you as a couple really have to dig deep in order to overcome an obstacle, but there’s an enormous amount of determination and resilience available, so as long as you can pull together, you can achieve anything as a couple right now.

Venus enters Aquarius – 17th February

Now this is the most significant transit of all the star signs and represents an absolutely fantastic time for a new relationship beginning, for getting engaged, making wedding plans or taking a relationship to the next level.

This is certainly an awesome time for depth of feeling, for a relationship becoming stronger and for you guys having success as a couple.

This is also a transformative phase, so it’s not just about being happy and enjoying life, it is about understanding your journey together as a couple and the way that you are helping each other grow, evolve and become stronger as individuals and as a team unit.

Sun enters Pisces – 20th February

Now this represents a time where Leo Man can be a little bit touchy, preoccupied or anxious. It’s very important that you take financial matters seriously, there may be some ongoing issues and decisions that have to be made and this requires quite a systematic approach.

In terms of your private life, and this could also encompass your sex life, this is not a time when you can have overnight success, but it is certainly a time to apply some effort and understanding to the most personal aspects of your relationship.

Right now, your relationship needs sensitivity and consolidation, so this is not a time for pressure or for pushing boundaries, it’s a time to work hard at making trust and loyalty more solid and secure.

Whether you are in a committed relationship or just dating, honesty and fidelity are absolutely key right now.

Mercury enters Pisces – 24th February

In keeping with many of the themes this month, this is an awesome time for your psychological and spiritual connection. This is a good time for secrets to be revealed, even if you’ve only recently started dating Leo Man you may feel the need to share really personal things with each other.

Right now the mark of a strong relationship is the extent to which you trust each other and you feel you can open up without fear of being manipulated, however in some relationships you really have to keep your eye out for ulterior motives and games, because in weaker relationships Leo Man could be trying to maneuver you in a rather sneaky or manipulative way.

Themes for a Leo Man this February

For Leo Man and your relationship, this is a pivotal time, the relationship can become more committed, deeper and more fulfilling.

This is also, however, a time when you have to be cognizant of the psychological, karmic and spiritual forces at play, nothing can be taken for granted, the relationship and the communication side need to be worked on, but emotionally the passions are aroused there is depth of feeling and basically anything can be achieved as long as you grab it.

Magic Motto – “We are bigger than all our challenges.”
Magic Text – “Our relationship is a love tornado and I’m excited about every outcome because it’s our very special adventure.”


The moon waxes from the 9th to the 24th making this the best time for brand new activities, taking risks, being proactive on relationship goals, date nights and romance. Post the 24th is better for assessment and a consolidation period where you take a step back and he understands what’s going on, rather than diving in.

Teaching and training others in alternative subjects is favored. Market research is very important and revealing. This is a positive time for his sporting goals and self-development activities that expand his perceptions.

This is a much better month for your more speculative and ambitious ideas, it is a good time to hang out with friends, meet new people and networking is favored.

This is a good month for large-scale group activities or for having a lot to do with friends or your social circle. It’s also a time when he should be more incentive about his use of social media as it’s very important to network and use new systems of mass communication.

An excellent time for him trying a new diet or starting an exercise routine it fitness goal.

International travel is favored, so is taking a honeymoon. Long distance travel is particularly successful whether it’s for business or pleasure. When it comes to his business, promoting heavily and advertising can yield results. This is a great time for publicity and publishing, this is a good time for higher learning if he wants to increase his skillset.

This is a good waxing period for financial planning and budgeting. Investing and buying assets or jewelry is favored. A good period for increasing his prices if he’s running a business.


This isn’t a great period for career changes and job interviews. He needs to be cautious in dealing with authority. It’s not an ideal time for PR and publicity or public speaking. New leadership or very public roles aren’t favored.

This can be a period where he’s quite unsettled and anxious due to indecision. There may be a state of flux in his personal and emotional life, but it’s not a good time to make a change, he should wait and see. It’s often a different time to deal with large corporations or authority.

IT issues are often problematic and if he’s involved in communications it’s never a dull moment. This is not a good time for switching off, he needs to stay alert and on the ball, but he should avoid being dogmatic as a lot is still up in the air.

February 2024 Horoscope for a Leo Man

Week 1: Aiming together for the goal

Now this can be a great time for dining out with friends and family, or taking a short romantic trip together: it could just be an afternoon or an evening’s drive somewhere special to experience a little bit of romantic time.

It’s also an important week for conversations, everything should be on the table and there should be a mature and analytical approach to any relationship or financial issues you are facing. This is a great time for a no holes barred, honest communication with a desire to really get to the bottom of things.

The extent to which you both wish to progress the relationship should be apparent by the level of engagement and focus you are both willing to put into these conversations.

Week 2: Handle with care

Now this can be a week of some dramatic shifts, he’s often quite impulsive and impetuous, he can be the tricky to handle simply because he lacks concentration and really wants to run on tangents.

Take some of the things he says with a pinch of salt because he’s inclined to exaggerate or embellish. He can often be a little bit dramatic right now, so it’s important for you to maintain your boundaries and to keep calm because he can be a little bit high-impact and stressful to be around.

Week 3: Hometalk

Now this is an awesome week for truth, passion and a vibrant new way of relating to each other. Sexually things can be really exciting, but you definitely need private time.

This should be a week where you set time aside, for not only date nights but for cozy nights in having long talks and also letting your hair down a bit in an intimate setting.

For some of you, this is a very important phase for making decisions about home and family life and you may also have to tackle an issue to do with your home, like a renovation or a property sale.

Week 4: Champagne Moments

This is actually a great time for his career, and if he’s been worried about money, now could be a time for him to make a leap in terms of grabbing an opportunity, knocking on some doors or starting a new business venture.

Part of the week is connected to budgeting and financial planning to make sure money is being used in the best way possible, but this is also a time when you should be spontaneous, surprise him a little bit and definitely make time to send the month out with a bang.

A great week for entertainment as it’s actually an excellent week for entertaining, holding a party, get together, celebrating your relationship or celebrating a family birthday or even your own engagement.


All in all I have high expectations for your relationship with Leo Man in February. If you’ve been really craving passion, intensity, better communication and getting to know him at a deeper level, this should be delivered.

If your relationship has felt flat and dull, there should be a mixture of emotional and external factors this month which force you together, which help you to really define your relationship and to come together, to problem solve and to renew affection and passion.

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