Leo Man Horoscope For December 2023

by Anna Kovach, relationship astrologer
December 2023 horoscope for your Leo man. Check out the monthly predictions for 2023! How is December going to treat your Leo man?

Hello sweethearts, and a warm welcome to December horoscope for a Leo man. It’s a festive season, of course, and a lot of people are in the mood to kick back, relax, and party.

This is also a time of year when the focus falls on relationships simply because we are spending more time with our partner and our expectations seem to be a little bit higher as the lights twinkle, the fire glows, and the most magical time of year beckons.

If you are single, you could feel lonely; however, it’s also a wonderful time to meet new people, so it’s amazing right now to summon the powers of the mistletoe, hang it up figuratively, and cast a magical spell that will bring good cheer, spicy aromas, and cozy affection into your lives this December period.

Keep reading for a Leo man December horoscope:

Here’s what the stars have in store for a Leo Man this December…

Mercury enters Capricorn On December 2nd, 2023

In terms of new relationships, humor and an open mind are really important. This is not a period to get incredibly intense or to take yourselves too seriously in a relationship.

When your Leo man is becoming too dogmatic or taking offense too easily, things can really struggle to be harmonious, so the key is to diffuse and amuse; don’t engage in drama.

It’s ideal in a new relationship to be social and go out a lot. Often, communication can get in the way of a relationship really getting off to a good start. Somehow, the wrong things seem to get said, so it’s much better if you can both focus your attention on exciting activities while providing each other with company rather than dominating each other’s time and space by being in quiet intimate areas with a lot of pressure or where emotional intelligence is required.

A Leo man is more tense with this transit, and so this is an ideal time for you to reassess how well you’re really connecting, whether you are able to nurture each other and truly work together as a couple, or whether you both just pay lip service to these things and just go along to get along.

Good relationships where there is a lot of chemistry and a great deal of love should be worked hard at to reinforce trust, quality communication, and affection.

Venus enters Scorpio On December 5th, 2023

There is an emphasis on entertaining in the home and on social gatherings with friends and family. He is feeling warm-hearted and generous right now, and that bodes well for sex and love in the relationship.

A Leo man is likely to be highly passionate and amorous in the bedroom and will demand an equal response from you. Touching and physical intimacy, especially if it is spontaneous, is what he’s craving, and he will be happy to make the first move.

He’s very emotional and is happy to talk about your problems and help soothe and inspire you. Renewing family bonds and relationships is a priority, so make sure you make time for, or respect, his family and their needs.

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On December 13th, Mercury goes Retrograde in Capricorn

A Leo man is not happy when he’s put on the spot or coerced into making decisions he’s not ready for. He can be rather evasive during this period and will strongly resist being bossed around or controlled. He is looking for growth and evolution within the relationship, and where you are too set in your ways or too staid in your approach, there will be problems.

This period thus requires tolerance and compromise, and some new relationships can fall at this hurdle as it becomes clear that you are never going to see eye to eye on important issues. It is vital for you both to be alert to what’s going on at a deeper level and ask yourselves if you like what you are seeing.

This is a good period for honest discussion and for looking at your problems from a pragmatic point of view. Games and manipulative behavior are common during this phase, which is why you need to be alert to this and keep everything honest.

A Leo man occasionally uses very indirect methods of getting his own way, and that may well be the case during this retrograde.

New Moon in Sagittarius On December 13th, 2023

This is an ideal time for you guys to discuss long-term goals and to recommit to your future as a couple. It’s time for you both to take a step back and see the bigger picture; it’s very important that you don’t become bogged down in minutiae or bickering.

Also, it’s time in relationships where it may be good for you both to take a spontaneous trip away for a weekend or even a week if you can afford it.

It’s really important to bring a little bit of novelty and spontaneity into the relationship. Don’t forget that none of us can survive without fun and excitement, and therefore this is a good cue for you to surprise each other and have conversations about adult things rather than just having to discuss work, chores, and family, and to start re-engaging with each other as two individualistic people rather than just doing mundane things as a couple.

An excellent New Moon for single Leo men to experience new people for fun and love, but without the pressure of commitment.

Themes for a Leo Man this December

He’s in a very outgoing phase of life where he welcomes novelty; if you are happy to embrace this, then all the better for your relationship. If you are agro to his freedom-loving, adventure-seeking bent, then you guys will drift apart (not necessarily permanently) this month.

He’s impatient with routine and with pettiness; he wants to reject all those trivial aspects of day-to-day life and see a bigger, more promising picture.

This is a terrific time for a Leo man to move forward, accepting that some problems cannot be solved, only outgrown, and the major stumbling block can be a partner who is still immersed in the very problems and trivialities he wants to leave behind.

It’s very important for you to use your emotional intelligence in relationships. What is going on at a subtle level is not always obvious, and you shouldn’t use a sledgehammer to crack a nut.

It’s important to be non-confrontational and non-aggressive; if in doubt, you should stay silent and wait for things to develop. The worst thing you can do now is try to force situations or encourage communication if he is not ready.

Magic Motto: “We always win when we think big and reach for our dreams without pandering to Mr. and Mrs. Average.”

Magic Text: “If you love someone, I’m curious; share your passions with me.”


The new moon phase extends from the 12th of December to the 26th of December. This waxing phase is the perfect fortnight for new initiatives, setting plans, establishing goals, starting anything prospective, and being proactive.

The waxing phase is a great time for new relationships and romance. Date nights, short romantic getaways, romantic communication, and cyber dating are all favored.

Sports, competitive activities, and entertainment pursuits are favored. Corporate events and social entertainment are successful.

Excellent for negotiation, conciliation, and reconciliation. Sales and marketing are successful. This is an excellent time for a promotion or a job interview. New business opportunities can be grabbed.


He needs to be careful of his health and eat well. Mercury going retrograde in Capricorn on December 14 is not ideal for diets, medical procedures, dentistry, or new exercise routines.

Work with animals isn’t favored. Not a good time for office romance.

December may not be the best month for decisions about children; it can be difficult to discipline children and come to understandings with them, so it’s probably a good month to have a laissez-faire attitude towards the children and wait until another time to reign them in, or if they are adults, have those more tricky conversations with them.

December 2023 Horoscope for a Leo Man

Week 1: A shower of love

He is feeling great right now and has the extra positive energy and insight to shower his loved ones with to help them feel better too. However, you may find him a touch elusive and not as ready to listen. He’s often quite avoidant when it comes to anything too “emosh.”.

He is highly inclusive; he doesn’t want anyone to feel left out or down, and he will do his best to bring out the fun and happiness in every situation. The only downside to relationships is time. You may think you are last on the list. This is not true at all, but time is at a premium this week, so it’s all about quality, not quantity.

This represents quite an intense period in love; often things that have been buried come to the surface, and there’s an opportunity to resolve these and have a good heart-to-heart.

Week 2: Reflect

It’s important for him to go with the flow and take an understanding and patient approach to things in love. In relationships that are going well, this is an excellent time to enjoy the arts, movies, and music together.

It can be a romantic time, but it should also be a quiet time of reflection rather than a time to engage in very active stressful events. So while it’s a romantic time, there should be no pressure for romance; as such, romance should develop organically through quiet periods of reflection and togetherness.

One problem, however, can be issues surrounding control becoming more noticeable. This certainly is a week where he is seeking more stability and certainty through his relationships, and he’s more likely to be upset by any distance or coolness between you.

Thus, it’s very important for you to reinforce the relationship by showing you care in a practical manner while also showing him a lot of affection and one-on-one focused attention.

Week 3: War on the Hum Drum

You guys want to make sure that not everything in the week is humdrum; it doesn’t necessarily have to be rip-roaring excitement from wall to wall, but you should use the week to mark special occasions with some fanfare.

So whether you are celebrating a relationship goal, reaching a relationship landmark, or a birthday of either yourself, a family member, or children, go out of your way to make it special.

Remember, we only have today; nothing else is guaranteed, so it’s very important to celebrate the moment and experience life’s joys little by little.

Week 4: Two way trust

In romantic relationships, the amount of freedom you guys give each other in the relationship says much about the level of trust in your union. The more trust there is, the more freedom you give each other, and the better things are.

However, he may be the one demanding freedom and not be as willing to repay the favor as it were. It has to be a two-way thing, and it could be that he has not realized his level of hypocrisy in the relationship.

If he wants freedom and cannot allow you the same level of freedom, he must ask himself why he doesn’t trust you. It may be time to address some issues in his past that have damaged his ability to trust.


In terms of romance, your Leo man is slightly cautious this month; he is not rushing in all guns blazing. He’s got an eye out for a partner who has solid, steadfast values, so he’s not looking for someone who doesn’t know where they are or who they are. He’s rather attracted to people who have a strong sense of themselves, fairly set opinions, or quite an imposing personality, because this turns him on.

A Leo man is a lot of fun to be around and has a huge zest for life this month, so if you guys are generally agreed on what to do, you can have a lot of fun and also generate a lot of warmth and affection, but if you have differences about how to spend your time and what you enjoy doing, then it’s probably best for you guys to go your separate ways, enjoy yourselves in your own unique ways, and come together only where appropriate.

Now this is an ideal time for me to wish you all a very merry Christmas and to thank you for all your support throughout the year. I hope you have enjoyed these guides, and I would like to remind you all that our exciting 2024 guides for your Leo man and for yourself (the 2024 women’s series) are ready to go along with the audio podcasts, so please keep checking back on the website.

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