How to Attract a Leo Man in June 2020

written by Anna Kovach
How to attract a Leo man in June 2020? The planets change every month, and events in June might be significantly different then what you're expecting.

Every month, the planets change signs and affect our relationships. Depending on the planetary movements, it may be tough to understand the needs and desires of the Leo man. But with my tips based on the monthly energy, you can draw the attention of a Leo man or improve your relationship with one in June 2020.

Attracting a Leo Man in June 2020

1. Connect with His Friends and Community

After a career- and money-oriented May, the Leo man is ready to move forward and reconnect to his community and friends.

With the transit Gemini Sun highlighting the Leo man’s eleventh house of friendships (and Gemini and Leo get along so well!), this is the perfect time to get to know his friends or find ways to support his intellectual interests. 

In Astrology, the eleventh house is ruled by Aquarius, the sign of activism and innovation, so don’t be afraid to encourage him to step outside his comfort zone and explore new causes to support or organizations to join.

Notice where the Leo man’s attention is this month and compare it to your own. Where do you meet in the middle? How do you fit into the overall tapestry of his life, his friendship circles, his community?

If you feel like you’re on the outskirts of his life, let him know. With the transit Sun in a mutable air sign like Gemini, and in an air house like Aquarius, communication is everything. He needs to know how you feel.

Things may slow down when the Sun enters his twelfth house of Cancer on June 20, so go with the flow.

The twelfth house in Astrology rules endings and solitude. It is the resting place before the Sun begins a new cycle in Leo’s first house of self.

If suddenly the Leo man’s not as sociable as he once was, that’s okay. This is his resting time. It doesn’t have to mean that he’s neglecting you or leaving.

Any time you feel frustrated, remember we are in the early stages of the retrograde season. Many things are shifting.

2. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

Attracting a Leo Man in June 2020

You may already know that the Leo man is fiery and spontaneous. One of his favorite pastimes is hanging out and sharing jokes with his friends.

However, with Venus retrograde in his eleventh house of Gemini, you may notice that the Leo man is more withdrawn or socially distant than usual. This is not because he is angry or sad but because he is taking time to reflect on his higher vision and how his relationships can assist him in achieving his goals.

The best way to attract him or keep his attention throughout this process is to keep your eye on the prize.

Discovering unique ways to help him stay motivated and conscientious of his goals and decisions may seem like a job at times, but it’s worth it.

What I find most interesting about this Venus retrograde for the Leo man is his ability to see the bigger picture, while still homing in on the smaller details of his relationships. So make sure to praise him for the effort he is still putting in.

In regard to romance and relationships, keep things light. Find fun activities that help you stay grounded and inspired.

For example, you may find it helpful and fun to read a book together, join a shared interest group, get involved in a community project, or plan a virtual double date/hangout with friends.

Once Venus ends its retrograde transit in Gemini on June 25, you should feel more aligned and in tune with each other’s larger needs and path for the future.

3. Give Him Time to Process

Giving a Leo Man Time in June 2020

As much as the Leo man would love to be head over heels in love with you at this moment, Mercury in his twelfth house of Cancer has other plans.

With Mercury in his twelfth house of endings and solitude, mentally and emotionally the Leo man is more reserved and introspective than usual.

Mercury in Cancer encourages him to clean house. Whatever thoughts, emotions, and fears that he may be silently carrying around need to be released. This will allow him to attract and build an authentic relationship and a true representation of who he is.

Mercury began its transit in Cancer on May 28, but Mercury will station retrograde in his twelfth house on June 18. From June 18 until July 12, give the Leo man extra space to breathe and process.

Instead of badgering him with questions about why he’s pulling back and “neglecting” you, be kind and practice compassion. Show him that you are understanding of his needs. This is how you will win his heart and affection.

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4. Feed His Soul

Feeding A Leo Man's Soul in June 2020

Sexually, spiritually, and emotionally, June is an intense month for the Leo man.

With Mars, the planet of action and willpower, in his eighth house of Pisces until June 27, the Leo man is more intuitive and attracted to women who can resonate with him and feed the desires of his soul.

During this period, he may appear more spiritually inclined or aware of your body movements and thoughts.

This is an excellent time to perform bodywork practices together like tantric yoga, erotic massage, and herbal steam baths.

With the eighth house ruling shared resources and debt, make sure that you are giving as much as you expect him to put out.

For example, if you would like him to spend more time with you, make sure you are also being mindful of his schedule.

Discovering ways to share wisdom and life experience will help you bond.

The only downside to this transit is he may be more secretive than usual, and you may have to deal with something from the past.

But with kindness and respect, anything is possible.

Just remember, if you want to attract a Leo man in June 2020, focus on connecting with his friends and higher interests, keep your eyes on the prize, give him time to process, and feed him spiritually. 

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Have you noticed these astrological influences on your Leo man? Let me know in the comment section below!

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach 

12 thoughts on “How to Attract a Leo Man in June 2020

  1. When I confronted him about my dislike of one of his habits 2 weeks ago that was bad for his health, he basically pulled away from me and told me no one would tell him what to do. ( He has a defibrillator and COPD) This was our first disagreement after 9 months of dating. We spent the weekend together this past weekend and now I have not heard from him in 2 days. He does not tell me he loves me anymore and only seems to want me around when he wants me around. The rest of the time he wants to be alone. I am about ready to walk away. I am a Scorpio and not really wanting another heartache.

    1. Dear Lisa,
      I am a Scorpio woman engaged with a Leo too.
      My Leo had the bad habit of smoking and couldn’t give up on that even when I asked him to do so. Since I am a Scorpio and I am determined on obtaining what I want, I talked patiently to him, stating clearly why he should stop smoking by explaining to him how it is dangerous for his health and that is a wastefulness of money.
      Surprisingly, he gave up on smoking.
      Therefore, my advice for you is to speak patiently to him without anger and explain cleanly the situation to him you will persuade him to follow your suggestions.
      If he loves you, as I am sure he does, he will listen to you.

      Best regards, Diana

  2. Im an Aries woman and have fallen in love with a Leo who I think led me on. Everything was perfect but he kept on disappearing and reappearing. I figured perhaps he was married and hiding it. As soon as I confronted him about it. He said well there may be someone on the side…but Im not married he said. So either way I left so angry. Now Im so broken hearted. Anyway I had bought a bew phone which automatically puts in all my contacts and I accidentally butt called him..Im soo mad at myself now. I never called or gave an explanation.. but he didn’t call back either or text to say wth do you! So anyway I guess it’s good bye. So Im thinking of totally removing his number and try to forget him as much as it hurts.

    1. Hi Theoni!

      Oh my gosh. Yes it sounds like he had no intention on committing and things that the only way he’s going to do that is if he’s married. I’m so sorry honey. He sounds like an immature Leo who isn’t sure of who he is and what he wants yet. Even older men act like this too if they’re immature. Sad really. If you need more help with Leo, please read my book “Leo Man Secrets”.

  3. Hi Anna, I am not hoping at all, this June won’t bring anything, my Leo guy found someone else that he is interested in.

  4. Hi there

    I needed this email from you so badly and it came at the right time..because my leo guy is kind of being distant and he claims it’s due to his responsibilities. I was nagging for attention thought maybe he don’t Love me any longer because he stopped saying that…But he finally started saying I love you again…Am I crazy to want to hear this 3 words from him ?? Is he one to say it all the time and all of a sudden stop ??

    1. Hi Terri!

      Leo men do take on quite a bit of work and can sometimes overwhelm themselves. They are prone to being workaholics as well. They have to learn how to balance themselves. You’re not crazy to want to hear that you’re loved by your Leo. I wouldn’t push him too much though when he’s stressed out because he may think you don’t respect what he has to do. Saturate him with love and attention. He responds to that much better. If you need more help with Leo, please read my book “Leo Man Secrets”.

  5. I am struggling with a Leo man right now. He has been somewhat distant over the last week. I am certain he likes me, I have not texted him in 2 days… just to give him some space.. should I reach out to him or give him some space. I do know that he has been going through a tough financial time. Any advise would be great.


    1. Hi Tameka!

      Yes you should go ahead and reach out to him. Leo men love attention. Tell him you miss his handsome face or his sexy voice or something that will make him smile. That should get his attention and he should message you back. If you need more help with Leo, please read my book “Leo Man Secrets”.

  6. Each point is spot on this month! Wow. My leo definitely needs some space this month as he does some soul searching. “Cleaning house, ” yep. “Introspective” yep. “Solitude” yep. “Intense” yep. I told him I recognize that he needs space right now and that I’m supportive of his process. Not to worry about me right now because I just don’t want to be one more thing he feels he has to “deal with.” He is genuinely appreciative of that and complimented me on being someone who thinks of his needs. Thank you again Anna for helping me to understand my king.

    1. Hi Renee!

      I’m glad to know the article resonates with you for this month. You’re handling it beautifully. Keep up the great work and stay tuned! If you need more help with Leo, please read my book “Leo Man Secrets”.

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