How To Attract A Leo Man In July 2021

written by Anna Kovach
How to attract a Leo man in July 2021? The planets change every month, and events in July might be significantly different then what you're expecting.

July is a very busy month for the Leo man due to it being Cancer season. Cancer comes just before Leo in the Zodiac, and this means that it’s almost Leo’s birthday! The Sun enters passionate and glamorous Leo on the 22nd, but until then we see a domestic, family-oriented, and gentle vibe, at least for Leo. This month puts him in touch with his protective and providing side and self… read on to find out what to do and what to be mindful of!

How To Attract A Leo Man In July 2021

1. It’s All About Love

The overall theme of the month is love. Cancer is one of the sweetest, most caring, unconditionally loving, compassionate, and sensitive star signs. This gentle but intense and passionate water sign represents the depths of emotions and spirit, and of soul. 

The Moon is Cancer’s ruler and the Moon is symbolic of emotions, feelings, and one’s inner world, including the subconscious mind. Cancer season is making the Leo man feel very practical and domestic – he likely has many responsibilities, financial and practical matters to attend to. These means two things.

Firstly, he will appreciate some laughter and light-hearted vibes and interaction, but he will also be very open to the Cancerian qualities. Be affectionate! Be loving, deep, and attentive, show your passion and emotional maturity and intuition. Instincts are heightened at this time. 

Love (unconditional love!) is Cancer in embodiment, so make sure you have healed your own wounds and insecurities surrounding the amount of love you’re able to project to others. 

Unconditional love extends above and beyond romantic or family love. Platonic unconditional love is the type of “true love within, reflected outwards” that makes people feel safe, seen, and cared for. The Leo man adores people who can show their hearts and souls, and this is even more true during Cancer season.

Find ways to heal and self-align before meeting him. Heal your wounds and make sure you’re in an emotionally open, stable, self-comforted, and balanced state.

2. Nurture & Protect

Attracting A Leo Man In July 2021

Linked to the above point is the supreme emphasis on nurturing and protection. Cancer is, in fact, known as the “Caregiver” and “Great Nurturer” in Astrology. This sign as sweet and sensitive as mentioned and being ruled by the 4th house give Cancer an emotional and security-driven edge over others. 

Security is not just reserved for financial and practical matters, it’s also about emotional, spiritual, and psychological comfort and connection. Leo is incredibly nurturing and instinctive regardless, so when the Sun’s in Cancer (and just before Leo season) his emotional body is supercharged and in control.

It may be okay in other months to be a bit superficial (a fire sign trait) or to be content with a lack of depth and passion, sincerity and intensity. Yet, now IS the time for depth and passion, sincerity, and intensity! 

Many people assume and misconceive Cancer is wishy-washy, over-sensitive, and too emotional. Emotions are a beautiful thing, however… they connect us, they provide depth and vulnerable intimate sharing too. The fact that the Moon is in her ideal placement in Cancer shows that we should all potentially be taking a leaf off of Cancer’s tree when it comes to sensitivity and emotions, feelings and the way we relate with one another.

3. Home, Family, And Responsibility

Because this solar cycle is influencing the Leo man through his connection to his home, family, and personal life, it’s important that you find ways to incorporate this “Cancerian theme” into your conversation. Ask questions, show him you are empathic and more importantly interested in his past, children, and personal life. 

Everyone’s feeling more sentimental and nostalgic than usual, and the Leo man will be reflecting on his childhood and family life more. Tap into this pathway as it’s a beautiful way to establish an emotional connection.

Just remember that Leo will always be an incredibly passionate sign. Even during one of the most emotional and sensitive seasons and cycles, this Leo guy experiences life with intensity and a unique type of depth and romance. You must know that Leo loves to be adored, spoiled and treated with generous amounts of affection and hugs, compliments, and gifts and the like, so pamper him a little in any way you see fit. 

Do respect his privacy, he’s got a lot on his mind and may even be feeling shy and reserved (at least more so than in other months!). But, bring out the glamor and romance in subtle ways. Reflecting on his inner world of feelings and further his connection to his home and family is filling him with a warm and open glow, warmth and magnetic type of charm. Flirt with his soul if you get a chance, and, whatever you do, be sincere and genuine in compliments and affections!

4. Slip In Some Inspiration

Inspiring A Leo Man In July 2021

Cancer is not just emotions and watery-intensity, this cardinal water sign is one of the most creative of the Zodiac. The Moon gives them a practical magic of inspiration, artistic gifts, and imaginative abilities. There is so much passion, excitement, childlike innocence, and artistic and creative life force in the air… Seek to lift him out of his domestic vibe, routine, or mindset; inspire him and remind him of all the magic and beauty the universe has to offer. 

This man loves spoken word, musical inspiration, quirky and original artists, media and the entertainment industries, and anything that will get his blood pumping and mind dazzled. As a fire sign, he’s attracted to individuals who can breathe fire, spin poi, or wow crowd. Essentially, you’re spoilt for choice with ways to impress him this month.

Due to Cancer’s subtle energy, you should still hold back “just a little.” In other words, don’t be arrogant or so self-expressive that you make him withdraw. Leo season is the time for this type of exchange! And, the Full Moon in Aquarius on the 24th is when your inner maverick and any bizarre and spectacular talents you have can come out.

5. Be Gentle

One final word of warning. In the moments of silence or “business,” i.e., if Leo is attending to something practical or domestic related momentarily, the worst thing you could do is to think that you need to be all bouncy and zestful. Stay chilled. A peaceful and calm vibe is called for until the 22nd, thus you don’t need to misperceive moments of quiet non-communication or a “low mood” as a need to be fiery and loud. It’s quite the opposite! Leo will just see you as insensitive and even annoying. 

Again, his inner father/mother is really lit up and brought to the forefront of his focus. There are always practical duties and things that need attending to in life – if you don’t know how to stay contemplative or respect the silence and spaces, it suggests a lack of empathy and awareness.

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Final Thoughts & Key Astrological Transits

Go crazy when the Sun enters Leo on the 22nd, because you’re vital, fiery, charming, and charismatic, spotlight-loving side can really come out. Most of the month is a time of silence and striving for making a subtle connection. Appeal to his nostalgic and family-oriented side. 

Then, use the Aquarius (Full) Moon to take your bond to the next level. Aquarius is the original, independent, quirky, soulful, and colorful humanitarian, visionary and idealist who is considered very compatible with Leo. 

Remember you have the Leo Man Secrets as your faithful guide! And if you feel like you need some private guidance on your relationship, click here and book your private consultation.

Wishing you light, love, and all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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