How To Attract A Leo Man In January 2021

written by Anna Kovach
How to attract a Leo man in January 2021? Draw the attention of a Leo man and improve your relationship with one in January!

Leo is feeling the effects of a slightly stressful and anxiety-ridden 2020, so it is important that you bring some fun, laughter, and lighthearted energy into his life! Leo sign has a lot of ups and downs in previous months, big lessons in maturity and self-autonomy, and most likely hardships with money and self-esteem. 

Don’t worry, this guy is perfectly confident and stable- he is a gem. But there are some key approaches you should adopt if you wish to win his heart and interests.

Let’s explore these now.

How To Attract A Leo Man In January 2021

1. Be Fun And Open-Minded

Be Fun And Open-Minded To Attract A Leo In January

Fun and laughter are key for the Leo man. The Full Moon in Cancer at the end of December has left him feeling sensitive and vulnerable. His insecurities have been brought to light, and he’s most likely done some much needed healing and introspection. 

If you know anything about the Leo personality, you will know that this is actually a good thing, one of the major Leo ‘shadow’ aspects is being egotistical and overpowering.

So, he is more connected to his sensitivities coming into the new year. This means he really appreciates people who will lift his spirits and remind him of why he chooses to stay so positive and self-empowered. 

Everything and everyone have duality; light and dark, high and low, masculine and feminine, positive and negative, yang and yin… Leo men are masculine by nature and therefore have a certain light and glow about them.

Because of the Full Moon in sensitive and feminine Cancer, the Leo pride will have been very recently brought into question. Quite simply, be bold, fun, charismatic and inspiring. Laugh and engage in high-spirits – show him you know how to be playful!

2. Be Feminine

Intrinsically connected to the last comment: Because of the Full Moon in sensitive and feminine Cancer, the Leo pride will have been very recently brought into question… He is also feeling more humble and down-to-earth than usual. There is a greater sense of humility over pride and boastful, or egotistical tendencies. This has brought out his love for inner beauty.

Romance, an appreciation for inner beauty, a love of music and art, and everything related to the ‘divine feminine’ are lit up this month. He’s feeling more sensual and even spiritually open than usual, so talk about dreams. 

Talk about subconscious insights you’ve gained recently through dreams; initiate conversations about music, art and culture, music styles like jazz and acoustic, or even classical, and engage in deep and meaningful conversation.

Femininity will really appeal to him during January in light of the Full Moon in Cancer. Although not traditionally compatible, fire and water are not the most compatible signs in terms of relationship synergy, Leo and Cancer energies do have some harmony and opportunity for growth. This is due to both being incredibly creative signs with a love of creativity, play and artistic self-expression. Any topic brought up or activity suggested together with these themes will be wonderfully received.           

Furthermore, be emotionally intelligent and vulnerable. Intelligence is something a Leo man loves, as we explore in the next point. But it’s important to be emotionally open and mature too. 

Feminine intuition and wisdom shine through with emotional intelligence, and you may even surprise yourself at how ‘sparkly’ and wise you are when you open yourself up to a Leo. Fire is inspirational!

3. Intellectual Power Is Irresistible

Intellectual abilities, power and connection is a real turn-on to this guy. The Leo sign is all about prestige, power and regality – a majestic vibe and an affinity for authority and achievement. Success stimulates his inner light while speaking about your accomplishments and achievements sparks his passions. Intelligence is sexy. Knowledge is power. And your past victories or wins signify attraction.

This is all amplified when the Sun is in Aquarius from the 19th. Your Leo lover wants to be stimulated mind, body and soul, and this starts on an intellectual level for him. Being connected mentally or psychological naturally includes his emotions and spiritual self, and of course physical, as Leo is ruled by the Sun – the life force and main star of our solar system. If you can show him how intelligent you are without appearing arrogant or boastful, you will surely gain his interest. 

It’s okay to drop some subtle hints with this sign too, something that might not work with other men. Leo is deeply proud and regal, he has an air of glamour, authority and personal power. And therefore, he doesn’t mind the same in a partner, he actually likes someone with some courage and fire. It makes him see you as majestic and confident and with healthy self-esteem. 

Speaking about your achievements and victories, finances and qualifications makes him think of power and prestige, two significant turn-ons!

4. Appeal To His Humanitarian Side

Attracting A Leo Man In January 2021

In astrology, everyone has an opposite sign they are supposed to achieve most balance and harmony with. For Leo, their opposite sign is Aquarius. January is a very significant month with Aquarius energy and attributes brought to focus. The Sun moves into this sign on the 19th, of course, but both Jupiter and Saturn – two powerful planets – made their way into Aquarius in December (2020). Collective themes of community, social justice and rights, humanitarianism, and cooperation and fairness on a global scale are strong right now.

So, showing your Leo interest a sincere affinity for these issues and topics can work to your advantage. If you’re dealing with a currently uninspired Leo, introducing him to these will definitely spark his adoration. Deep down, he is very altruistic and concerned with the well-being of others, the environment and animals included. Regardless of his personal path, he will be feeling more motivated to get involved, or at least research and become interested in these themes and topics mentioned. This implies big potential for common ground and futured shared activities that bring joy, new experiences, a sense of adventure, and constant growth and learning.

Ultimately, the Leo man wants a partner who can share his passions and zest for life; he has a lot of energy and a big spirit!

5. Cheesy Or Benevolent?

January is the perfect month to do things that may in other circumstances appear cheesy, for want of a better word. Acts of kindness are a must during January – again, largely due to the powerful Aquarius energy swimming around in the ether. 

Stopping to talk to a homeless person or buying them a hot drink or food is a way to win his heart. Make sure it’s sincere and from a genuine heart space, however, and nothing shallow.

Benevolence and magnanimity are integral to the Leo nature. This is one of the most generous and giving sun signs, and altruism and kindness are qualities this man seeks in a soulmate. 

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Final Thoughts & Key Astrological Transits

This month be fun, flirty, intelligent and high-spirited. Emotional vulnerability is good too and any displays of feminine intuition and sharing your personal success are valued by a Leo man. 

It is a great month to build a connection on common ground, shared interests and passions are strong. If you’re looking for something long-term and committed with longevity, January as a ‘1’ month is amazing for new beginnings and taking initiative.

Also, Venus (the planet of love, beauty, romance, sexuality and sensuality) is in Capricorn until March. Commitment, security and companionship in love and partnership are available. If you wish to learn more about your Leo man you can read about him here.

Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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