How To Attract A Leo Man In August 2021

August is also the perfect balance between inspiration and passion, and hard-work and determination, perseverance to see ambitions and goals accomplished and achieved. The Leo man is feeling flirty and fun-loving, so read on to find out just how to score one this month!

The Sun entered Leo last month, and this means the Leo man is in his prime. He has either just had a birthday or is about to have one, therefore he’s feeling energetic, wholly positive, joyful, and in high spirits. August is also the perfect balance between inspiration and passion, and hard-work and determination, perseverance to see ambitions and goals accomplished and achieved. The Leo man is feeling flirty and fun-loving, so read on to find out just how to score one this month!

How To Attract A Leo Man In August 2021

1. Self-Control

Tips For Attracting A Leo Man In August 2021

First and foremost, you’ve got to be in check of your finances. August is both Leo season then Virgo season, the perfect blend of passion and life force and practical hard-work as briefly mentioned. 

Grounding is a gateway to financial prosperity, balance, and bliss, and being sure and secure in your own talents, etc. A mature and grounded vibe is called for – no promiscuity or wanderlust as you may have got used to in your twenties! 

Leo loves a sophisticated and classy woman. This doesn’t mean you need to let go of being flirty and sexy, he will always be open to flirtatious and fun-loving energy. He also has a kinky and wild side, it’s just that this aspect of his personality and character has matured over the years. 

Leo is the type of man who wants to take you to theaters and beautiful restaurants, to wine and dine you, and spoil you like the Queen and Goddess that you are. This means you need to have some level of grounding and self-control. 

If you’ve been out of the dating game or have spent months to year without physical touch, it can be easy to fall into a gigglish ‘young girl’ mindset during a Leo Sun. This should be avoided at all costs. 

Instead, take back your power and self-sovereignty and get in touch with your personal authority and true self once again. Time is a healer and you don’t need to succumb to the built-up passion that comes with long periods of intimacy absence. Onto point two…

2. Tantra, Anyone?

Linked to the first ‘tip’ is the significance of tantra, i.e., sexual self-control – power over your intimacy needs, desires, thoughts, and feelings. It is not uncommon for Leo to be open tantric breathwork, sex, and intimacy, as he is the deepest of the fire signs and the only fire sign to embody such an intense loyalty and pro-commitment attitude. 

The other two, Aries and Sagittarius, are known to be frivolous and flighty! But the Leo man wants to adore someone and treat them with devotion and a perpetual flow of affection. He is very faithful when he finds the right person. 

Look into tantra if you’re not already familiar. Tantra is the unification of mind, body, and spirit. It’s the blending of all the different “bodies” of existence, so when two people come together in sexual union it becomes a merging of souls. 

Sex is then not just physical or rooted in lust, but done with an awareness and connection to the psychological, emotional, physical, and spiritual planes. Essentially, tantra is intimacy and soul-merging on the highest of levels. 

And this doesn’t take away from pleasure! It actually enhances it, because sexual union becomes about a deeper bond, a timeless love and eternal flame shared amongst two cosmic lovers. It can be pretty intense – and intensity, depth, soul, heart, and passion are some of the best Leo qualities. 

Going back to the link to self-control and retaining some self-autonomy; consider practicing some tantric breathwork at home. If you’re already experienced in this, introduce it into your date or meeting. This will get this majestic lion’s heartbeat racing, his blood pumping extra fast, and his mind fantasizing about all the magic and co-creation you could share.

3. Creativity Is A Must

Attracting A Leo In August 2021

Of course, the Leo man is also known for his immense creative and artistic spirit. He has many gifts in this realm, and he may very well be a master at many and not just a beginner at one or two creative skills. 

Leo is the performer and entertainer of the Zodiac. They’re highly dramatic, however when this is applied positively and proactively it can lead to considerable advancements and successes in any of the following fields: music, the entertainment industry, the Arts, media, circus and festival performance, photography, poetry and spoken word, art, theater… the list goes on!

Fine-tune your own skills and artistic gifts as soon as you read this. Any spare time you have before socializing should be dedicated to getting yourself in an energetic space to show off your talents. 

This shouldn’t be seen as superficial – seeking to “wow” a man or audience is rooted in passion and connection when your intentions are pure, or when you’re sincerely passionate about the spirit of creativity and community. 

Remember that Leo’s ruling glyph is the Lion. This makes him regal, proud, noble, and spotlight-seeking and community and family driven, he loves to feel the unity associated with shining in a sisterhood, brotherhood, or community group or setting. 

As an extroverted fire sign, Leo has a very different approach to introspective and often introverted water and earth signs. What does this mean for you? That it’s okay to shine! It’s okay to flirt with his soul a little, and to let him know you’re a Queen and Star who is worthy of his attention. Go for it, and don’t hold back.

4. Loyal, Generous, And A Tad Clingy!

So, if you want to be with a Leo man you must know his main personality traits (there’s also a link at the end of this article to help shine more light in this area). This man is wonderfully loyal, generous, giving, and benevolent. He is so kind that some people sometimes question his intentions and the purity or sincerity of his actions. 

One thing you should know is that if he gives something, whether it be a compliment, a gift, some affection or his time and love, it is always genuine. Leo is not manipulative and despite his follies, he is actually one of the least manipulative signs. 

His ‘shadow side’ lies in his ego, he can be a bit of an egotistical drama king at times. Yet, this stems from his insecurities – he is very loyal and loving, which leaves him clingy, jealous, and slightly possessive. 

His larger-than-life ego (he is ruled by the Sun, after all!) equally gravitates him towards mildly narcissistic, ‘lording it over others,’ and boastful verging on overpowering tactics. In saying this, you can’t call him manipulative and this is my point. 

We all have a light and a dark side… if you want to be with the most loving and passionate masculine-natured sign of the Zodiac, you will have to accept his egocentric nature. 

Take note of his character and see where you may vibe and resonate, and where you may clash. Knowledge is power, wisdom is self-empowerment, and knowing how to speak, act, and vibe/interact whilst applying both knowledge and wisdom is the key to the longevity (and short-term success) of your connection. So, keep it real, soul sister!

5. Be The Change You Wish To See

Due to such a powerful dominant and active energy, it’s paramount that you actually be and become the change. Don’t just get lost in dreaming, wishing, and attempting to manifest your future or best self – be it! Live it! Project your higher self out into your immediate environment. 

Leo is deeply instinctive and can sense falseness, deception, and trickery a mile off. This implies he can also pick up on realness, authenticity, and truth. 

Seek to raise your vibration and laugh through the confusion or madness, chaos and confusion that may arise during a Leo Sun. Humor and wit can keep you self-aligned while allowing you to be seen as an optimistic and attractive independent woman. 

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Final Thoughts & Key Astrological Transits

For the first 22 days of the month, Leo will be in his prime. You now know what to expect from him and you can really see his proud and electric spirit shine through!

When the Sun enters Virgo, be sure to adopt a more chilled and modest approach. Be sensitive to his work ethos and desires for financial success and prosperity, and never belittle or make fun of a Leo man’s true talents or intentions. 

He may have an awesome sense of humor, but some things he takes personally…    

If you’re looking for ways to grow your love with Leo guy to greater heights, then check out my guide Forever Love With A Leo Man to find out how to sustain your love with him for all time!

Wishing you light, love, and all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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