How to Attract a Leo Man in August 2020

written by Anna Kovach
How to attract a Leo man in August 2020? The planets change every month, and events in August might be significantly different then what you're expecting.

Every month, the planets change signs and affect our relationships. Depending on the planetary movements, it may be tough to understand the needs and desires of the Leo man. But with my tips based on the monthly energy, you can draw the attention of a Leo man or improve your relationship with one in August 2020.

Attracting A Leo Man In August 2020

1. Show Your Interest

If you thought July 2020 was a wild month with the Leo man, August 2020 is taking things to a new level. 

Unlike July, August is full of Leo Season, and this means the Leo man is ready to come alive! Because the Leo Sun is highlighting his first house of self until August 22, expect the Leo man to want your full attention. 

With Leo Season naturally being a time of pleasure, passion, and everything in between, there’s no better time than August to let the Leo man know you’re all in. 

During this period, focus on fun experiences that help the Leo man feel confident and secure in who he is. 

For example, if your guy is interested in film and photography, take an online film class together or offer to be his muse. Let him take the lead and show you a thing or two. 

If you’re concerned about your position in his life, show interest in what he loves. 

By doing this, you make him feel good. And I know from my years as a relationship astrologer that when a Leo man feels good, he shows good love. 

If things start to simmer down and get more relationship-oriented towards the end of the month, don’t be so focused on forcing a commitment.

With the Sun moving into his second house of Virgo on August 22, the Leo man will become more goal-oriented, and this causes him to act with a practical mind. 

At the end of August, prioritize building a foundation for the future and getting to know him as a man. 

Remember, the key to Leo Season in August 2020 is building an authentic connection with the Leo man. 

2. Be Respectful

Just when you thought things were peachy with the Leo man, you may run into a few snags. 

With Venus, the planet of love and romance, entering his twelfth house of Cancer on August 7, the Leo man may experience moments of isolation and withdrawal. 

As the twelfth house of ending, Venus in this placement may cause the Leo man to reflect deeply on his relationship with family and co-dependence. 

During this period, he is most attracted to the woman who is understanding of his mood swings and appreciation for quiet. 

If you want to attract a Leo man during August 2020, you need to be respectful of his transition. 

Although the Sun and Mercury are in his sign, which brings a feeling of joy and excitement, he is still going through a series of intense relationship changes and needs more time to heal. 

To assist him in this process, I suggest being a friend more than you are a lover for the moment. 

When he is feeling emotional and needs to vent, be a listener and not a critic. Avoid projecting your insecurities and distrust onto him. 

By being respectful of his space while still catering to his needs, you show the Leo man that it’s okay to love while you heal. 

If you are getting to know a Leo man, be patient with him if he’s not as talkative as you would like him to be. 

I’ve found with Leo men it’s sometimes best to notice how he treats you, not just rely on what he says. 

3. Know Your Place

If you’ve ever been around a Leo man for more than five minutes, you probably know that he’s a natural flirt. 

With his larger-than-life personality and heart-melting laugh, who wouldn’t want to get to know this passionate man better? 

However, with Mercury in Leo highlighting the Leo man’s first house of self until August 19, you may need to be more confident and grounded in your place as his partner in August 2020. 

During this period, Mercury’s spotlight on his first house inspires the Leo man to be more outgoing. He may come across friendlier or more distracted than usual. 

Although you may interpret this as a lack of interest or respect, remind yourself that this is only one part of his personality, and it is being exaggerated at this time. 

As a relationship astrologer, I’ve found that a Leo man is most attracted to a woman who is not intimidated by his individuality but inspired by it. 

To win his attention, be bold in your communication and approach. 

Instead of acting insecure or suspicious if he’s out with friends, focus on yourself. 

By doing this, you not only intrigue his sense of wonder, but you also show the Leo man you’re not afraid to stand on your own. It also shows him that you trust him—and lack of trust is one of his biggest pet peeves. 

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4. Prepare for a New Beginning

With the Sun rising high in the Leo man’s sign, the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 3 and New Moon in Leo on August 18 bring a series of new beginnings to his life. 

Around the Full Moon on August 3, be open to hashing out any relationship issues for the sake of inner peace. Try to avoid getting into petty fights. 

If you feel like things are getting intense, talk it out. The Full Moon is illuminating the Leo man’s seventh house of relationships in Aquarius. So don’t be afraid to pull him aside and connect one-on-one.

During this period, the Leo man is most comfortable around his friends and closest loved ones. If you’ve been wanting to meet his crew, this is a perfect time. 

Around the New Moon on August 18, take a staycation to prepare for a new chapter. In astrological terms, this is a personal Lunar New Year for his sign.

To make sure you start the next chapter on the right foot, make a vision board of your love. 

What are some bucket list experiences and goals you would like to achieve together? Map it all out and shoot for the stars!

Overall, I’ve found that this month is an opportune time to focus on attracting a Leo guy.

If you want to successfully build a relationship with a Leo man in August 2020, do your best to show genuine interest, be respectful, know your place, and stay open to new beginnings. 

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Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach 

2 thoughts on “How to Attract a Leo Man in August 2020

  1. Hi Anna,
    I am a huge fan of your leo blog post. I have a Leo in my foresight with whom I am getting to know. He approached me with great tenacity and as a cancer woman, I was excited to get to know him too. For the most part, he’s been a really good communicator and will allow me into his world even when he is busy or in the middle of doing something. The first time we FaceTimed was with his mom and little sister (LOL). If we’ve gone a few days without talking I Will shoot him a “thinking of you” text and like clock work he’ll call me right away to talk and catch up. I enjoy spoiling him with words of affirmation Or using my feminine charm to lure him out However, I feel like I may have spoiled him a bit too much And the roles have been reversed ! How do I get him to recognize that I still want to be chased without spoiling the rapport that we’ve built?

    1. Hi MJ!

      Thank you for the lovely compliments. I’m glad you’re a fan of my Leo articles. It does help to know as much as you can while you’re trying to build a strong relationship. It sounds like you two have found the right way to communicate. I would just tell him that you miss the flirting that came from him when he was chasing you and it would be a real turn on for him to do it a bit more. If you need more help with Leo, please read my book “Leo Man Secrets”.

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