How To Attract A Leo Man In April 2021

How to attract a Leo man in April 2021? The planets change every month, and events in April might be significantly different then what you're expecting.

Leo is in his prime in Aries season! It’s April, not long after the start of spring and home to the fiery and independent Ram. Leo is filled with optimism and positivity, passion and life force. He feels free to pursue his goals and he’s feeling very ambitious and set on his goals. His ambitious and determined side is out in full force, he is feeling motivated and inspired. Romance is strong and he is more sexual than usual. 

How To Attract A Leo Man In April 2021

1. Be A Soul Sister

If you observe lions, you will see that they are all about community. Lions act as a pride, one big family. Ok, they may not always be happy. There’s certainly some conflict between the lionesses and a fight for dominance between the males (sometimes), but overall lions symbolize family and brotherhood – sisterhood too. Leo is a lion… 

Actually, this man is ruled by the glyph of the lion and is a true embodiment of noble, majestic and regal energy. This means he has soul, depth and passion! The Leo man is a beautiful and majestic creature with a lot of pride, a lot of heart and spirit too. It is rare to find a Leo man without the benevolence and magnificence of a king (metaphorically speaking).

This April, be a soul sister. Show him that although you’re seeking a lover and partner, you’re also a companion. A kindred spirit, a sister. The Sun is in independent Aries until the 19th and this amplifies his need for companionship and soulmate connections. If you want to find love in this man, show him you’re capable of being an amazing friend and a spiritual being. 

2. Flirt Away

Flirting With A Leo Man In April 2021

It’s also important that you flirt! Leo is one of the most self-expressive signs. He loves to flirt, make intense eye contact, move his body to reflect his emotions, and engage in physical touch. He is extremely playful, a trait many people love and respond well too. If you’re one of them, entertain it as much as possible. He possesses charm and charisma – he’s bold and fiery!

The Leo man has no problem being the center of attention, so if you can put him in the spotlight and hold him there in praise or high esteem, let’s just say you will be seen as a star! He actually adores a bit of drama. It may be a major turn off for some, but for him it’s an essential part of life. It keeps him empowered and connected to his light, personal truth and authority. 

This fiery lion recognizes that life involves a bit of heat, it’s never just calm waters, breezy wind or grounded and rooted trees. He is fire in essence. The more exciting, upbeat, and ambitious the flirt the better. Extravagance is allowed too.

3. Be Fierce In Your Affections

Attracting A Leo Man In April 2021

You will need to be fierce – fearless even – in your affections. Aries season is a wonderful time for the Leo man. It means his true colors can come to light, he can be as bold and self-expressive as he wants to be. Aries is a self-leader, a firecracker, and a highly independent and head-strong creature. Leo and Aries are generally compatible; therefore, he is filled with inner balance and harmony throughout April.

You should not hold back. If you want to say something, express yourself, share something or make your intentions known, do it. Here’s a little secret: fierceness is equated with fierce protection in the Leo man’s eyes. If he sees you as courageous and brave, fierce in your feelings and affections, he considers you as sharing his key qualities. Leo is incredibly protective, so much so that this fearless sign is happy to barge into a crowd to protect the underdog, if need be. 

The Leo man may have a wrap of being solely loud, egotistical, proud and noble, and someone who likes to command presence and attention, of course; but he’s also nurturing and caring, kind and loyal. Benevolence is a key quality associated with the Leo man. A bit of fire signifies some unconditional love and depth…

4. Project A Sunny Disposition

Make this a happy and upbeat month. Aries is enthusiastic, zestful, passionate, positive and full of energy. A sunny disposition is called for. Moody, withdrawn or sullen characters won’t do it for him at all in April. When the Sun’s in Aries he is only concerned with good times and optimistic souls, people who want to share in his passion and joy for life. Now might be a good time to check your compatibility too. 

Another thing to know is that he has a humongous heart. He is generous, warm, friendly and sincere. If he shows affection or pays you a complement, it will be from a genuine head and heart space. The worst thing you could do would be to reject this, or to pay it little attention. The way you respond to his words and gestures says a lot to him about any future potential relationship.

Leo sign is known for having a magnanimous spirit as well. Loyal, protective, devoted, romantic, kind and sometimes selfless, mirror back these qualities as best as possible. When the Sun enters Taurus on the 19th, he will be feeling more sensual and romantic, and in tune with his soulful and gentle self. Balance charisma and optimism with something down-to-earth and chilled then.  

5. Don’t Let Conversation Stagnate

Sometimes in life, we are bound to go through introspective and reflective phases. It’s normal to be contemplative or to enjoy people’s company in silence – but this is not the month! Stagnation is a sign of being boring and uninteresting, unfortunately. This is a quality respected and even admired by some – Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, for starters, and some of the earth signs. However, for this zestful man it’s quite the opposite. 

Keeping a healthy flow of conversation means letting energy flow. It also makes you be seen as someone with an active and bright mind, and a positive spirit. Leo dislikes boredom and boring people. He requires passion and has lots of life force, vitality, and high spirits. Especially in Aries season, when the Sun is in such a fiery and high-spirited sign, the Leo man wants to engage with someone in a steady groove. 

Chat away to your heart’s content. Try to balance depth and meaningful conversation with lightheartedness, banter, and wit!

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Final Thoughts & Key Astrological Transits

April is a great month for love and sparking a new connection! There’s a New Moon in Aries on the 12th, in addition to being Aries season. This is a time of integration and stepping into personal power and self-leadership, so connect with him on this level. The Scorpio Full Moon on the 27th provides a doorway to spiritual and soul alignment, and new energy levels of creativity and imagination. Intuition is heightened as well.  

Visit the Leo man secrets guide I’ve exclusively created. And remember, each month is a different season which affects the overall energy and ‘vibe’ of the month. April is largely compatible, aka harmonious, with Leo’s energy. 

Wishing you light, love, and all the luck in the Universe on your journey!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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